Make Her Beg For Anal Sex!


Anal sex is something that women hate, but only do because it makes men happy right?


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Tons of women love anal sex. And when you know what you’re doing, they may even request it more than traditional vaginal sex.

Here’s exactly what you’ll need to know in order to get her to beg for anal sex anytime you want.

Lube Is Your Best Friend

Anal sex can be painful to women, and the skin around the anus is exceptionally thin and can tear easily. A good quality oil or water based lube is an absolute must if you are going to go down the Hershey Highway.

Don’t worry if you are using too much lube. It’s better to use half the bottle and ensure that she is comfortable, than to have her jump up in paid and end the sex all together, simply because you were being cheap with the lube.

Start Small At First

Before getting carried away with anal sex, it’s important for her anus to become relaxed and loosened up enough to comfortably fit your cock.

Your best options would be to either use your finger (coating in lube of course) or to use small anal sex toys. Just about every sex store in the world should carry an anal sex starter kit, and these are perfect to help you get things going on the right path.

These kits include toys that start off as tiny as your pinky finger, and get larger and larger in size. This will allow you to gently help her to loosen up enough, so that she will feel nothing but pleasure when it’s time for you to insert your cock.

Sh!t Happens

Listen, there is a good chance that things might get pretty messy during anal sex. In adult films, what you don’t realize is that women usually use at least 1-2 enemas before they ever start shooting an anal sex scene.

In real life however, things can and (most likely) will get messy from time to time.

The best advice I can give you is “low lights and baby wipes!” Make sure to keep the lights down low. Candles are perfect in this case. And also remember to have a supply of baby wipes near your bed. Keep in mind, that if the idea of a tiny bit of fecal matter bothers you, then anal sex might not be for you.

Remember The After Care

After the sex is over, don’t just roll over and go to sleep (or ask her to make you a sandwich). Instead, help her to get cleaned up, or even join her in the shower. Let her know how much you enjoyed the sex, and how much you appreciate her letting you put it in her back door.

If you skip the after care, then prepare for her to never allow you to get really dirty with her again.

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