The Male G-Spot: How To Find And Stimulate The Prostate Gland


Believe it or not, men have a sort of “g-spot” too, and when stimulated, it can bring him explosive, amazing orgasms – we’re talking the kind he’s never had before. The male g-spot is called the prostate gland and it’s not at all difficult to find and stimulate. When you do, he’ll beg you for more! There are a few things to keep in mind before you stimulate his prostate gland and when you do, such as making sure he’s into it first (it is easiest to stimulate from inside the anal cavity) and using a good lube. Here’s how to find and stimulate your partner’s prostate gland and have him writhing in carnal pleasure!


The Male G-Spot Is His Prostate Gland

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The male g-spot is called the “prostate gland” and is located about 2 inches inside the anal cavity on the top. That means when you’re facing him, you can insert your finger, feel along the top wall of his anal cavity and you should feel a small, chestnut sized “bump” of flesh. This is the prostate gland. It is often best stimulated with a “come hither” motion if you’re using your finger, meaning that once you locate the prostate gland, move your finger in a motion as though you were telling someone to “come here.” You can also use side to side movements or simply place your finger on the prostate gland and apply firm pressure. Different guys like different things here, so make sure to experiment to find out what he likes best.

Is He Interested In Prostate Play?

Before you get super excited about giving him an amazing orgasm and slip your finger in his anus to stimulate his prostate gland, you need to make sure he’s into it first. This is not something you want to surprise him with, because a lot of guys are a little squeamish about their anuses. Some guys are a little homophobic and feel that any anal play (on him, not on you of course) is considered “gay” and if this is the case, he may want you to stay as far away from his backdoor as possible. You can also slowly introduce him to the idea of prostate stimulation without inserting anything into his anus by playing with his perineum during a blowjob. The perineum is the skin in between his testicles and his anus, and it can be stimulated with firm, kneading pressure. This indirectly massages the prostate gland and will give him an idea of how pleasurable prostate stimulation can be, but it is nothing at all like direct prostate stimulation. If he seems to like it, inch your hand closer to his anus and see what he does. If he doesn’t seem uncomfortable, play with his anus a little as you’re applying lube to the opening. If at any point he stops you, prostate stimulation may not be for him.

Stimulating The Prostate Gland With Sex Toys

Many sex toys are made specifically for prostate stimulation and can often be easier to use than your finger once you’ve located the prostate gland. Don’t try to use a sex toy the first time, because it will be more difficult to feel the prostate gland and know you’re in the right spot. Prostate massagers are often thin with a bulbous tip that is angled to properly reach the prostate gland. Other prostate sex toys include butt plugs – which range from large to very, very tiny – and glass sex toys or vibrators. Make sure that any anal sex toy you use is made with a wide base or a ring at the end that will prevent the toy from slipping inside the anus and getting lost.

Using The Right Lubricant

Anal play is not to be had without a good sexual lubricant – and a lot of it! The anal cavity does not lubricate itself and as a result, anal sex without lube can be painful and may even cause some of the delicate tissues down there to tear and bleed. Not cool! You can make anal play and prostate massage more comfortable and pleasurable by applying a very generous amount of lube to the outside of the anus, your fingers and whatever sex toy you choose to use. Feel free to apply more lube as needed. If you are using a condom or latex glove of any kind, make sure to use only water based lube, because silicone lube will break down latex and cause condoms and gloves to become ineffective.

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