3 Standing Sex Positions That Will Make Her Weak In The Knees


With most standing sex positions, at least one of you will require a fair amount of strength and/or stamina to execute it properly. Most that I came across were either ridiculously difficult or they didn’t provide enough stimulation for the female partner to conceivably orgasm.

That’s why there are only a handful of positions in this section but all of them are great ones to try out and come highly recommended from my clients, fellow experts and readers alike.

1. The Door Is Ajar

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Have your lover stand with her back against a door jam and lean her head back. Stand upright and facing your partner, so that your legs are between hers and your back is against the other side of the door jam. In tandem, scoot your legs forward until your penis and her vagina meet; you’ll likely need to bend your legs, and she’ll sit on them slightly. Enter her and grasp her bum firmly. Have her hold onto your shoulders or put her arms around your waist or neck if she’s feeling off balance or wants some support.

Have her push her back firmly against the door jam while you thrust up and push her back and forth along your pelvis. To get out of this position, as it’s a bit trickier than the others, bend your knees until you’re squatting down. When her legs reach the floor again she’ll be able to hop off effortlessly.

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This is a hard position to sustain for any length of time. If her legs come off the ground because of a significant height difference, you can make it easier on both of you by squatting down more. You can also have her bend one leg and drape it over one of your elbows, then lean to the opposite side slightly and put her foot on the ground. It will open her up more as well so you can penetrate even more deeply.

Whatever you do, don’t let on that the position is a difficult one for you. If it is, move on to another position after you give it your best shot for a short period before you try something else. The feeling of weightlessness is a huge turn on for most women, but knowing that you’re struggling will bring her back into reality when all you want is for her to let go. If she wants to move around more, or feels like she’s not getting enough clitoral or G-Spot stimulation, suggest she lean back even more and move her hips in a circle, grinding herself into you and rubbing around to find more G-Spot pleasure.

2. Kneeling Face To Face

Face your partner and kneel on the floor together. Scoot forward so that you are extra close to one another. Place your opposing legs flat on the ground with your knee bent, and slowly inch forward until your privates touch. Lean forward to connect your penis to her vagina. To move, take turns lunging forward.

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There are few better positions than this one to even out the odds between you. With this move, you are both in the exact same position, performing the same moves. Provided you are about the same height and are both doing the same amount of work, plus both your arms are free to roam and play, perhaps to tweak nipples, coddle her clitoral head or pinch her buttocks. There won’t be a lot of heave-ho in this position, but because you are so snug against one another, she’ll get tons of clitoral stimulation grinding up against you, and even better eye contact to slide towards orgasm.

3. Get A Leg Up

Are you ready for this? Get your partner to do the splits mid-air, so that one leg is on the floor and the other is lifted as high toward the ceiling as it can go. Walk up to her and hold the outstretched foot, bending down slightly to enmesh your bodies. When you start having sex, you can use the one hand on her hip and the one on her leg as leverage to move. If her leg gets tired, have her bend it at the knee and lock it over your elbow instead for a rest.

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She’ll be off balance in this position, which isn’t a bad thing if you want to catch her arousal off guard. Just make sure that she’s supported well enough so she doesn’t fall over, and she’ll be able to enjoy the unusual angle and experience. Pull her close when you want to rub up against her clitoris, or ask her to finger herself if she’d prefer. Make sure your knees are bent to offer her enough clitoral and G-Spot stimulation, as you won’t thrust terribly deep in this position.

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