3 Unique Sex Positions Your Man Is Dying To Try


Sex positions can often be the icing on the cake for a guy during sex. Try these three sex positions that he secretly wishes you would do with him!

Probably the biggest decision you make in the bedroom is what sex position you and your man are going to use that night. Sometimes, you want that slow burn and that raw, animalistic passion to come through. For those nights, the spoon position is perfect. Other nights, you just want to ravage each other and you could really care less about romance. When those feelings come into play, you want to have rough and fast sex, which is what the doggy style position is all about.

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However, there comes a time in your sex life when both you and your man are going to get a little bored with your regular routine. Sooner or later, the missionary position just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Getting on top and riding him until he can’t take it anymore, just won’t have that same effect. When this happens, a lot of couples don’t know what step to take next but have no fear; help is here!

Even if you and your man may be Kama Sutra veterans in the bedroom, learning about new and unique sex positions is always a bonus, especially the ones that your man is dying to try.

The Lotus

For the nights when you really want to get intimate and feel the romance radiate between your bodies, the lotus is the perfect sex position for just that. Unlike the spoon position, which is great for when you want to make love, the lotus allows you to face your partner. The connection that the two of you will feel as a result will truly be electrifying. Here are the necessary steps in order to make this position happen for you and your man:

First, find a flat surface for both of you to sit on. Ideally, you will want to perform this on the bed but if you have a nice area rug you are looking to taint, then even better. Start off by sitting across from your partner on the floor. Then, as your bodies meet, your legs will go over top of his, facing one direction, while his slide underneath yours, facing the other. From a bird’s eye view, with your bodies in the middle and legs on either side, you will resemble the lotus flower, which is how this position gained its name. Now as your bodies connect, you both have free hands to roam each other’s bodies. You can really maximize pleasure potential in this position. You also have the opportunity to kiss and to even get a personal view of coitus. Men love seeing and feeling what they are experience, which is why this position is going to become of his new favorite.

The Acrobat

Like the doggy-style position, this one gives your man all of the power but in a different way. This is a bit more challenging but at the same time, all the more rewarding. Men love to be in control and in the driver’s seat when it comes to sex so naturally, when he gets to have a say, he is going to take advantage of it. Although you are going to be on top in this position, you are barely going to have to do any work at all. The acrobat is all about him having free reign to do with you as he pleases.

To get going on the acrobat tonight, have your man lie down on the bed first. Then you are going to lie down on top of him, but with your back pressed against him. Therefore, the two of you will be looking up at the ceiling. From there, he will side into your body and be able to get at you from underneath you. Feeling your warm body pressed against him, burying his face deep into your hair and inhaling your scent are all going to contribute to him feeling so much pleasure. Not to mention, he has two free hands in this position. While he is entering you, he can rub your breasts, claw at your stomach and even stimulate your clitoris. Getting you all hot and heavy on top of him will surely make this position his new staple.

The Chair

Now that you have a substitute for both the nights when you want some romance and the nights when you just want skin on skin, you need something for those in between nights. When you and your man would typically go for the standard missionary position, try using this variation that makes all the difference and truly makes this a position of its own.

When having sex in the chair position, you are going to treat it as you would the standard missionary position. First, you are going to lie on your back but then, you are going to do something that changes everything. Rather than spreading your legs, you are going to pretend as though you are sitting in a chair so you are going to have your knees bent, forming a 90-degree angle from your body to your hips. From there, your man is going to push your legs to one side and put them over his shoulder, so it looks as though you are sitting on top of him. Then, as he is on his knees before you, he is going to penetrate you in a way you never even knew existed. Your g-spot will be in perfect alignment with his body so he will be stimulating it and giving you amazing satisfaction. Plus, this position puts some pressure on his prostrate gland, which can also help him to have a far more powerful orgasm. If you are able to orgasm from this position, which is highly likely, your man is going to want to use the chair again and again.

By changing up the position you and your man use from time to time, you keep sex new and exciting. By using one of these 3 unique positions, you blow each other’s minds!

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