4 Exotic Sex Positions That Will Blow Her Mind


Sex positions can’t always be the same during lovemaking or your partner will easily get bored. Here are four new and adventurous sex positions she will love!

1. Rocker Over

A rocking chair makes this position so much easier for you, but it can work just as well with any other sturdy surface. Your partner sits, slouching somewhat, with her head back against the back brace (or a wall) and her buttocks at the edge of the seat. Straddle her legs with your back to her torso. Lean forward until your arms are on the ground, using your forearms to hold yourself up in a semi-push up position.

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Your legs should automatically lift in turn, so that they bend at the knee. Your feet should either rest on the top of the chair, or on your partner’s shoulders. To enter her, both of you will need to move your hips somewhat and use your hands to put your penis inside of her. It might be easier if she lifts her hips to straighten out her back before trying. Settle into each other once you’re connected, and start moving by using your forearms and legs to push and her hips to thrust.


You offer a lot of pressure to her mons pubis and clitoris network with this position, as well as some unique G-Spot stimulation because of the angle of entry. Capitulate on these positive aspects by getting her to lift her genitals to meet yours, asking her to play around a bit until she finds the perfect spot. Grind against her by pressing down into her body, and make sure to use your whole body instead of just your penis. Because your head is below your heart, the blood will pool somewhat in your genitals, allowing you to last longer than you normally would.

If it isn’t too hard on your arms and doesn’t get you light-headed, this is an excellent position for longer-term pleasure, especially since the rocking movement helps reduce pressure on any one body part. Stay in motion constantly, and you’ll rock her world.

2. Dippity Do

If you missed this week’s upper body workout at the gym, these tricep dip positions will more than make up for it. Grab a sturdy low chair, stool, or ottoman and place it near the couch to get started, then sit on the middle of the couch like you would any normal day of the week.

Scoot your bum forward so that your arms are the only thing holding you up from the couch – as if you were doing a triceps dip – and place your feet together with knees slightly bent on the low stool in front of you. Your partner stands over you with her legs around yours and squats down for you to enter her. If there are height issues, she can squat further down until you meet. Movement occurs when either you perform a triceps dip or she raises and squats down on your member – or both.


Because your hips are angled in this position and she’s able to squat down and move as quickly or as slowly as she needs to, there’s a lot of orgasmic possibility wrapped up in this little number. G-Spot stimulation comes naturally and she can grind her clitoris up against you too. The only thing stopping either of you from enjoying this position full tilt is the difficulty for those without the upper body strength.

Perhaps then use the position to get the feel and angle right, then move the ottoman underneath your hips so that you’re still angled properly, but you’ve got some support so your arms don’t give out from a lengthy go-around. Put some pillows under your feet to ensure they are still raised, and you’ll offer a pretty close position substitute.

3. Dippity Do Two

Similar to the previous position, a variant really, this move offers a tremendous amount of control to the ‘dipper’, but requires extensive arm, shoulder and back strength to execute.

Lie down perpendicular to two sturdy objects, such as an ottoman and a couch. Put a pillow under your hips if you want extra leverage and support. Your partner can then lie across your body with your genitals touching, feet on the ottoman and arms on the couch as if she were doing a triceps dip. Help her to get her body into the right position to put your penis inside of her vagina, since she’ll need both her arms to move about and keep sturdy.

Take some of the work off your partner by thrusting upwards, or lie back and let her exhaust herself on top of you. If her arms get tired too quickly, lie down on the ottoman and use the pillows for her feet to simulate a similar, but much easier position.


Even the strongest of women will have a hard time getting to orgasm in this position. Still, it’s a novel angle that few will experience otherwise, and there’s something uber-sexy about lowering oneself down onto an unseen phallus. Try it when she’s already highly aroused, or when she missed a workout and wants to make it up via double duty. With her legs held tightly together, she’ll feel every inch of your member, and she can alter the angle of penetration easily with just a flick of her hips.

Add a cock ring vibrator for extra thrills, or reach over and play with her clitoral head to see if the movement helps get her closer to peaking.

4. The Head Rush

While standing, have your partner straddle your hips and wrap her legs around you. Look at each other eye-to-eye, and hold her hips firmly while you penetrate her. Then slowly get her to arch her back and lean away from you. Your hands should provide the pivot point for her hips, giving her all the support she needs to slowly lean backward until her hands reach the floor. Don’t let go!


This isn’t a position for the faint of heart, but it offers some amazing perks for both of you. You’ve got an incredible view of the length of her body and your united genitals, and she’s got all the blood rushing to her head with G-Spot stimulation like no other. Depending on her flexibility, you may be able to thrust a fair amount in this position, but don’t expect her to hold it for any length of time.

Try moving into this position when she’s just about to climax, and slowly push and pull her off your penis to watch the fireworks start. If you have a hard time getting into position from standing, try lifting her up from a kneeling position with her hands supporting both her head and shoulders, so they don’t get banged around when you make the transition to standing.

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