4 Super Hot Standing Sex Positions


Standing sex positions can be incredibly sexy if you know how to pull them off. Here are four super hot standing sex positions you can use tonight!

Standing Sex Position #1

Although rear entry is often a good method for helping your partner orgasm, not all women are comfortable being in the “doggy-style” position. A variation of that position can be done while standing, which is particularly useful for unusual locations, such as public bathrooms, or right after coming home from an evening out. You stand behind your partner while she is bent over slightly, and then penetrate from the rear. The best thing about this position is that you can lovingly reach around her and stroke her clitoris while you’re penetrating her from behind.

Standing Sex Position #2

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Both partners don’t have to be standing for deep penetration to occur. If you want to try something a little more interesting, then this technique may be a good one. You’ll need a sturdy bar stool (which can be inexpensively purchased almost anywhere if you don’t already have one). Have your partner slide onto the stool while you stand completely naked in front of her. If you’re still working on foreplay, this is a good way to add in some heavy kissing and stroking.

While you maintain those positions, you’ll slide your penis inside her. Not only does this provide enjoyable penetration for both of you, but you’ll be able to continue the foreplay more easily than with most methods because you’ll still be facing one another and you’ll be very close together.

Standing Sex Position #3

Some couples are surprised at how many ways they can have sex in a standing position. The great thing about these  positions is not only that they can help your partner achieve a strong orgasm, but they also can seem more naughty and dangerous to your partner. We’ll talk more about this a little later in the chapter. With this particular variation, you’ll stand behind your partner while she is bending over, almost as if she’s trying to touch her toes. While she’s bent over, you’ll be in the perfect position for penetration and for stimulating her G-spot. What’s even better is that this position can be used almost anywhere.

Standing Sex Position #4

Here is another interesting idea with this type of position, particularly if your partner has a police officer fantasy. In this position, your partner faces a wall and spreads herself out as if she was about to be searched by a police officer. You come behind her for penetration. While you’re in the middle of the fun, you can always pretend to be the arresting officer who finds a new way to punish or pleasure the person in his custody.

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