5 Sex Positions He Will Love


Sex positions can really spice up lovemaking for a guy. Here are five sex positions we KNOW your man will go crazy over!

There are about four sex positions that all couples tend to use. Missionary, doggy style, girl on top and spooning are perfect for achieving different angles for sex. However, if you’re tired of the same old sex positions with your guy and you’re willing to branch out, there are a myriad of options to choose from. Different sex positions can offer different intimacy levels and different angles in which the penis enters you. If you’re looking to obliterate the humdrum positions in your sex life, here are a few that will keep your man’s toes curled.

1. Coital Alignment Technique

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If you’re a big fan of missionary then you’re going to love the coital alignment technique. This sex position gives you all the comfort and eye contact of the missionary position while adding clitoral stimulation. As stated before, this is very similar to the missionary position. The basic concept is to lie on your back while your guy gets into missionary position. Instead of having your faces meet, have him push up a little further on you. His chest should be more at your shoulders than on your chest. Bend your legs at about a 45-degree angle and then tilt your hips up. Have your guy grind up and down to give you deep penetration while massaging your clitoris.

2. The Spork

This is a variation on the spoon and can add a different angle for your guy. This sex position can give you a natural lead in to other positions because it’s very universal. You can go from The Spork to other sex positions like missionary, girl on top or even a regular spoon. Basically, you will be on your back. You want to raise your right leg up and then have your guy position himself on your right side. He can hold onto your right leg as he enters you. Now place your left leg between his legs or spread your legs wide open. You can do this sex position facing him or turned away from him. This provides a nice angle for your guy and can make you feel very tight.

The Ribbon

The ribbon is a sex position that will give you increased intimacy and a very deep penetration. Both you and your guy should lie on your sides facing each other. Now you will bend your legs and angle your vagina toward him. He will come up and go between your legs. Wrap your legs and arms around his torso as he enters you. He can kiss your neck as he thrusts deep inside you. You should be wrapped around him like a ribbon on a Christmas gift. Thrust back and massage your clitoris against his lower abdomen for added stimulation.

The X

The X is a sex position that is great for your guy. This involves slow thrusts that will massage the tip of his penis. Lay down on the bed from head to toe. Your head should be at his toes and his should be at yours. Now have him come between your legs. Have him put your right leg between his. Now you should have a leg on either side of his legs. Have him go inside you and hold onto his feet as he thrusts forward. This is great because it is a controlled thrust. The position doesn’t allow for heavy movements so you get a very slow experience. The angle that he will go inside you should be around 80-90 degrees. This forces his penis to stay down and will feel great for him. At this angle, the penis will start to hit the g-spot so it’s added pleasure for you. This is also known as the Crisscross.

The Spider

The Spider is a sex position that more designed for you, but he’s going to love it Because of the angle that his penis will go inside you, the g-spot is going to be hit a lot. This makes you orgasm faster and will make him feel more like a man. This will also feel good for him because the sex position allows you to grind on his penis with minimal effort. Have him sit down and lean back on his hands. You come up facing him and put our feet up on his shoulders. Lean back let him start to thrust at you. You should start to feel the head of his penis hitting your g-spot immediately. Thrust back and forth in a controlled motion if you want to take control.

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