5 Sex Positions You Have Never Tried


Sex positions can be a lot of fun when you mix it up and keep things new. Boring sex with the missionary position constantly being implemented can make any bedroom experience go stale. Using new and infrequently used sex positions can bring new sensations and new intimacy into your relationship.

While some of these are going to be a little wild, you can pick and choose what you feel comfortable with. Here are five new sex positions that you can try out with your partner tonight.

1. Inverted 69

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The inverted 69 is a lot like the original 69, however it has the guy on top. While there will be a lot of women that do not feel comfortable with this, this is one of the best ones for the man and the woman. When the guy’s on top, it puts his penis at a different angle than in the traditional 69 position. This also gives him an upside down angle to perform oral sex on his partner.

This is much different than using the traditional 69 as he will be licking down on your vagina, instead of going up. The reason that so many women will not feel comfortable with this position is that the guy has more control over putting his penis into your mouth. This position is more for the guy than it is for the girl, however, having him go down on you from this inverted angle can also be pleasurable.

2. The Acrobat

The Acrobat is one of the best sex positions for giving the guy new angle for his penis and for allowing digital stimulation to the woman’s clitoris. The position is fairly basic. The guy lays on his back with the girl on top as if she is going to do reverse cowgirl. The girl then leans all the way back so that her back is rested on the guy’s chest.

The guy reaches around with his hands and then puts them on her inner thigh or on her vagina. This allows the guy to play with the woman’s clitoris or breasts. The guy can also massage the girl’s inner thigh while still thrusting into her. Be sure that you are doing this position on the bed and not on the floor as your knees might get tired or irritated by surfaces that are not soft enough.

3. The Dancer

The dancer is a sex position that can easily be performed in the shower or in tight spaces. If you are going to be performing this sex position it is recommended that you and your partner be of the same height or within about an inch or two. Have your guy stand straight up and then walk up to him. Lift one leg up and have him support it with his hand while you wrap your hands around his waist.

You should be stable enough to keep balanced. Guide his penis into you and hold each other as you both thrust equally. His penis should be going into you at an angle that easily hits the G-spot and goes deeper than the normal missionary position. Have him pick you up a little bit so that he has more control over thrusting into your vagina.

4. The 68

The 68 is a sex position that is specifically designed for the woman. This position is very easily achieved, however, your partner must be comfortable in order to enjoy it. The basic position is very similar to having your guy give you oral sex while you are on top of him. Get on top of him so that your vagina is right over his mouth and then lean back so that your body is resting on his body.

Have him put a pillow behind his neck so that he is propped up and can give you oral sex. You should be leaning back enough so that you are relaxed while he is performing on you. This sex position gets its name because only one of you will be receiving oral sex.

5. The Amazon

The Amazon is one of the more wild sex positions that you can do. This position is specifically designed to give the guy a deeper angle with his penis. Have your husband or boyfriend lie down on his back and lift his knees up. Now you are going to go between his knees and have his legs rest on your thighs. Guide his penis inside your vagina and start riding him as if you were doing regular girl on top.

You should feel his penis deeper inside you and this angle will feel great for him. One of the best things about this sex position is the fact that you do not have to actually ride up and down you can simply rock back and forth and he will massage your G-spot.

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