Best Sex Positions For Losing Weight


Having sex can make you feel great about your body. If the sex is with someone you care about, sex can become more than just another “fun” event. Sex can be a tool you can use to make your relationship stronger. However, did you know that sex could also make you thinner?

The physical exertion involved in having sex can amount to a significant amount of calories burned. I cannot think of a more enjoyable way to shed the pounds. If you’re looking for an excuse to have sex with your man tonight, tell him that sex is now a part of your daily workout routine. He’ll be glad to participate, and you can lose weight in the process.

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Here are three of the best sex positions for losing weight.

Pushups In The 69 Position

Normally, you would hold your body steady and bob your head up and down while you’re in the 69 position. However, instead of doing it this way, you can change the way you perform a blowjob by moving your whole torso instead of just your head and neck. Think of it as doing half-push ups while having sex.

The Squat

This sex position is just a variation of the woman on top position. Instead of kneeling during penetration, you can plan your feet on both sides of his body and squat. Going up and down while in this position can be tiring, but you can be sure it will burn some calories.

Do several repetitions until you simply can’t go anymore, or until he has climaxed. This can be your cardio exercise for the day. You can also strengthen your leg muscles by doing this repeatedly.

Participative Missionary

The typical missionary position calls for more action on the guy’s part, but if you want to lose weight while having sex, you can try “participating” while in the Missionary position.

While he’s on top and you’re lying flat on your back, lift your torso up to kiss his lips or his neck. Hold this position for a while and then go back down. The trick is to not use your arms to lift your body off the bed. Instead, use your torso.

To effectively lose weight while having sex, try doing it on the floor or on your yoga mat. This is better than doing it on the bed because the mattress might be too soft for any exercise to be effective. You can also do some leg stretches while your man is on top of you and your legs are over his shoulders.

It is important to let your man know about your new exercise program so that he will not think it’s strange when you mutter rep counts under your breath or when you start stretching your legs and arms in weird angles.

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