Best Sex Positions Of 2010


Trying new sex positions in the bedroom is one of the best ways to spice up your sex life and have better sex with your lover. There are tons of different ones to try, ranging from the sweet and sensual to the downright dirty. You can switch up what you do in the bedroom based on your mood and you can of course try several different positions in one sex session!

Don’t let the sex positions you use in the bedroom define who you are – for example, you’re not a “kinky” girl so you’re not going to do it doggy style. Instead, use them to make each and every time with your partner new, exciting, different and fun – depending on you or your partner’s mood. If you’re feeling a little naughty, try some positions that are designed for deeper penetration or sixty-nining, or if you’re feeling like having more romantic sex, try woman on top.

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You may be worried that you’re not flexible enough for a lot of our suggestions, but you can always modify them or choose something else fun and exciting to suit your physical capabilities. You can use different sex positions to stimulate your partner in different ways, whether you want to have anal sex, stimulate the g-spot or create more friction to rub the clitoris and create a clitoral orgasm. There are also lots of ones that will feel great for the guys, although he’s bound to enjoy just about any of them! So here you have it – our top sex positions articles of 2010 so you can keep getting busy well into the new year!

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