Best Sex Positions Of 2011


Sex positions can take dull sex and make it even better. They can even make or break your sexual escapade! For example, men who want an even better orgasm can flip their girl over doggy style (after giving her an O of her own, of course) and penetrate her from behind. On the other hand, if she’s about ready to climax and he switches things up, her orgasm is usually ruined and she has to start all over.

So it’s safe to say that learning about the greatest ones to use (and for what) is something you definitely want to do before you slide between the sheets again with your lover. Check out our favorite articles of the past year and have fun trying them out in 2012!

The Little Black Book of Sex Positions
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And of course, our all time favorite articles:

Some fun ways of incorporating new positions into your sex life:

  • Aim to try a new one each week. If you want, keep a journal of notes about what you and your partner both liked and disliked about that particular position.
  • Create a “fantasy box.” This is a fun way to introduce pretty much anything into your sex life without intimidating you or your partner. Write down a few new positions on pieces of paper, fold them up, put them in the box and shake them around. Pull one out and give it a try! The anticipation of not knowing what is coming next is incredible. If you’re really creative, you can decorate your fantasy box too!

"The Little Black Book of Sex Positions"

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