Best Sex Positions: Woman On Top


Woman on Top (WOT) is any sex position when a girl takes the lead during sex, and it’s one of the most erotic sex positions to try if you want to make sex a truly intense experience for you and your girl. In this position, she does most of the work. However, experience tells us that not all women are adept at moving up and down so men have to lend a hand by thrusting up and down.

This position shifts the sexual power play in the woman’s favor. A woman’s frontal assets as well as her clitoral area are exposed in the Woman on Top position. Penetration depth depends on whether the woman can thrust up and down all the way. A woman’s weight management skills also play a role in making this position work.

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The Woman on Top position calls for balance and skill on the part of the woman, but the man can help her balance by shifting his position underneath to accommodate a woman’s thrusting. You can hold your lower body up, or put pillows under your backside to lift your hips more.

Benefits Of The Woman On Top Position

It’s sexy. The woman can show off her body to you, and feel sexier in the woman on top position than any other sex positions. You get to play with her breasts as well as her tummy region, and you can admire the view of her breasts bouncing up and down from below.

It’s relaxing for the man to lie back and take it every so often. Having a woman work instead of you during sex can be a relaxing experience, but only if you do your part in making a woman feel sexy. Even if you’re the one underneath, you have to pull your weight as far as the penetration is concerned.

You can fiddle with her clitoris easily. With your hands free, you can touch her in all the right places. If you’re sitting up, you can kiss her neck and breast. If you’re lying down, you can reach up and touch her erogenous zones. Orgasm is more intense for a woman if there’s another sensation on top of the sensation that penetration creates.

Disadvantages Of The Woman On Top Position

A woman may find it difficult to balance if she’s kneeling. Some women have short upper legs, which could be an issue if she’s on top and her knees do not reach the bed or the floor while she’s straddling you. Most women have adapted to this by squatting instead of kneeling.

You may have to support her weight. As a woman gets more and more into the sex, she may forget to balance and properly maintain weight distribution while she’s riding you. If this happens, ask her to stay put while you plant your feet flat on the floor or the bed and thrust upward.

You don’t have much control in the rhythm department. You may be doing the thrusting but if she insists on a certain rhythm, you may not get the rhythm you want.

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