5 Variations On Missionary That Will Heat Things Up TONIGHT!


Missionary is ho hum, right? Wrong! Try these five super sexy variations on the traditional missionary sex position for hotter sex TONIGHT!

Missionary Variation 1

For women, the missionary position is often the most difficult when it comes to achieving orgasm. Unfortunately, if your partner is nervous or not very experimental, she may not be interested in trying other positions yet. That doesn’t mean she can’t still achieve an orgasm.

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One of the keys to bringing your partner to orgasm is your ability to grind the base of your pubic bone against her clitoris—it’s all a matter of position. Have your partner lie back on the bed and place a pillow or two under her butt so her pelvic area is more arched.

Remember to continue the foreplay even as you are getting in position, so fondle her breasts or play with her butt as you place the pillows. Whisper in her ear that you have something incredible in store for her, and then let her mind conjure up the details. With her pelvic area arched in this way thanks to the pillows, you’ll have an easier time of stimulating her clitoris during vaginal intercourse.

However, if you want to boost your odds, you can purchase an inexpensive vibrator designed for the anus. Gently insert it at or before you begin penetration. The vibrations will stimulate her pelvic area, including her clitoris, which may lead you both to the desired orgasm.

Missionary Variation 2

Repeat everything from the first missionary position we discussed, but instead of using the vibrator, place your partner’s legs on your shoulders as you thrust inside her. This makes it easier for the base of your penis to stimulate her clitoris. Remember to start slowly and work your way up to harder and deeper penetration.

Let her reaction guide you. If she begins to moan with pleasure, then intensify your movements. If she winces, then ease up.

Missionary Variation 3

This is a variation of the second missionary position, which allows for even deeper penetration and gives you an angle more appropriate for clitoral stimulation. Again, your partner lies on her back on the bed. You’ll be kneeling above her, but at a slight angle.

Take her legs and put both of them over one of your shoulders. Make sure you remain at that slight angle during penetration as well.

Missionary Variation 4

This missionary position works by keeping the two of you closely connected so each thrust is more likely to stimulate its desired target. Of course, your partner lies on her back and you straddle her body. After you are inside her, she needs to pull her legs tightly together and you’ll need to wrap your ankles around her lower legs. While in this position, you’ll continue thrusting into her. If she seems uncomfortable, you may want to lessen the depth of each thrust. Remember that discomfort of any kind will interfere with your partner’s orgasm.

Missionary Variation 5

While this technique may not technically be an example of the missionary position, this is the best classification I could determine. This time your partner lies on the bed or floor with you kneeling above her. Now take her legs and raise them up, so you are holding her calves in the crook of your arm. Her butt should now be lifted off the bed and her vagina should be in line with your penis, so penetration will be easier.

If it makes her more comfortable, you could slide some soft pillows under her lower back. In this position, each time you thrust into her, you are also pulling her body against yours so each penetration is deeper and more intense. Because of the angle of the penetration, you are also more likely to stimulate either her clitoris or her G-spot, which should bring her to orgasm.

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