4 Incredibly Naughty Rear Entry Sex Positions


Sex positions are a great way to spice up your sex life. If you want to add a naughty element, try these 4 super hot rear entry sex positions tonight!

1. The Partial Wheelbarrow

Ask your partner to bend at the waist in front of a chair or bed, and get her to rest her head and forearms there comfortably. Stand behind her and grab onto one of her ankles, pulling her leg off the floor so that it’s close to your hip. Tell her to keep her knee bent and limp in your hand, so that you can push against it when thrusting so as not to hurt her. Then enter her from behind, making sure she’s still got one foot on the floor and she’s using her head and arms to balance herself. Put your free hand on her opposite hip, and move inside her using her hips as the pivot point.

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You get to thrust to your heart’s content and get an amazing view of her jewels, while she gets the head rush of being face down, with all the G-Spot stimulation she craves. She can also create a lot of tension using her arms, and the angle from keeping one leg up in the air changes the feeling in an oh-so-orgasmic way. Vary things up a bit by bending your knees slightly for a slightly different angle. Whoever is able to reach can tickle her clitoris for extra sensory pleasure.

2. The Rocking Wheelbarrow

Get your gal into a push up position with her arms outstretched and her body off the ground. While standing behind her, lift one of her legs onto a rocking chair, while you hold her other bent leg just below the knee. Ask her to keep the leg on the chair as straight as possible while you enter her. She’ll be able to push back against the rocking chair for leverage, and you’ll be able to hold most of her weight. Use the chair to determine the rhythm, or have her push back with her arms and chair-bound foot. You’ll definitely want to have your knees bent for this position, and try to focus your thrusting upwards instead of into her body.

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We’re relying on her feeling of weightlessness again to help her along the orgasmic process, but this time she’s got a bit of extra help with the rocking chair. The chair helps with rhythm, helping to hold her steady while you have sex, and gives her something to help create tension, which we both know is incredibly important for a woman to reach an impending orgasm. Although she won’t be able to finger herself, she will get ample G-Spot stimulation along with a definite fun factor. This isn’t a position either of you will be able to hold for long, so try it out when she’s nearing her explosion stage, or when you’ve both got energy to spare.

3. Flying Doggy Style

Have your lover lie down on her stomach and do a push up, keeping her body straight and her legs bent. Come up behind her on your knees and grip her outer thighs as you slide into her. As you lift her pelvis, get her to wrap her legs around your back, while bending her knees even more and putting her calves behind your lower back or buttocks. If she’s in the correct position, her feet will face the ceiling and her bum will be flush up against the base of your penis. Support her weight with your hands, or place a large stack of pillows under her hips to help keep her in the right position  Glide your bodies back and forth in unison, but not too vigorously or she’ll lose her balance. The higher you’re able to hold her up off the bed, the more G-Spot stimulation she’ll receive.

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There’s nothing like doggy style sex for deep penetration, but the flying doggy takes deep to a whole new level. Play around with how you move inside of her, since only subtle movements are possible here. Try short, quick strokes to massage the area where her G-Spot sits, or try long, slow, languishing strokes where she uses her feet to pull you back inside of her. If she gets tired as she nears climax, have her tilt her head down while she props herself up on her forearms. This way she’ll still be suspended in air, but she’ll have better balance and less back strain.

4. Over And Under

Have your partner position herself in doggy position on the floor with a small table, chair or even a few pillows next to one of her legs. Get her to put one leg up on the support next to her, so that her leg is perpendicular to the floor and completely straight. Come at her from behind, placing one of your legs inside hers, the other outside her straight and propped-up leg. Kneel down with the majority of your weight between her legs and enter her. Your leg on the outside will likely only drape over hers without touching the ground, and that’s just what you want.

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You’re coming at her from an odd angle in this position, yet both partners have leverage to push back or thrust deeper. You’ll be a little off balance too, which might give her a rush from the unusual rhythm and thrusting, especially if she’s nearing the pre-orgasm phase. Because your body is propped up against the length of hers, you may be able to take one of your hands and sneak it underneath her for some clitoral action. If you can’t reach around, try pushing firmly on her mons pubis and see if you can feel your penis moving inside her. If you can, apply more pressure to sandwich those special G-Spot area nerve endings, and see if it brings her closer to orgasm even faster.

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