Q&A: Sex Positions And How She Can Last Longer When She’s On Top


Sex positions can help you go faster in bed or last longer, depending on which ones you use. Different sex positions help accomplish different things, such as reaching the g-spot better or providing more clitoral stimulation.  Many women like to be on top to speed orgasm up, but there are a lot of women that can actually climax too quickly this way! Here’s how to last longer when riding your man.

Question: My boyfriend really likes it when I’m on top, but I’d like to know how I can last longer in this position. After 2 minutes I get tired! If I let myself go and enjoy, I get paralysed by the pleasure, if I try to focus I lose it. Please help me!

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This sex position is great for many women, because it allows them control over basically every aspect of sex with their partners. When a woman is on top, she can control the pace, as well as the angle and depth of penetration. Having her man underneath her and being in control of everything will often help a woman reach orgasm faster than during other sex positions like missionary or doggy style.

Unfortunately, it’s easy for a woman to get tired when she’s riding her man, because she’s basically the one doing all the work. Her legs or arms may cramp up, or she may get a cramp in her hip depending on what angle she’s at. If she’s trying to go faster after her orgasm so that her man can catch up, she may get tired quickly and be uninterested in continuing, especially if she’s already “gotten hers.”

Go Slower

If you tend to get tired easily when using woman-on-top sex positions, try going slower. Ladies, you don’t have to reach climax within minutes of getting on your guy, just because you can. Stretch it out and make it last – not only will going slower feel better and allow your pleasure to really build, it will also help your guy catch up to you more easily when you can’t hold it in anymore. You’ll last longer because you’re not getting tired as quickly, and also because you’re concentrating less on reaching orgasm and more on prolonging intercourse.

Also, try supporting yourself some with your arms, or use pillows so that your partner can take over some of the thrusting when you get tired. He can do this easily by lifting his legs up a little, bending his knees and putting his feet on the bed (or the floor, couch or wherever you’re at), allowing him to use his feet and legs as leverage to thrust. Not only will this give you a break from doing all the work, it will feel really amazing for him!

Change The Angle And Depth Of Penetration

If you find that you’re just simply reaching orgasm too quickly when you’re on top and your guy is lagging behind, you may need to change the angle or depth that your partner’s penis penetrates so you don’t get too excited too fast. Pull back a little bit and don’t bump up against his pelvis if you notice that gives you a lot of stimulation to your clitoris. Or, sit back or move forward a little to keep the head of his penis from rubbing so much against your g-spot.

Try The Reverse Cowgirl

One of the best sex positions for women to last longer when she’s on top is the reverse cowgirl. This involves a woman riding her man, but while facing his feet instead of his torso. Not only does this give your guy quite the show, it also helps you to keep from reaching climax too quickly. This is because you’re not grinding your pelvis so much against his and stimulating your clitoris, and his penis is also at an angle that doesn’t rub the g-spot as much.

Trying Different Sex Positions

While you may really enjoy girl on top sex positions, if they’re not working, they’re not working. You may need to switch to something else – at least for a while anyway – so you’re not climaxing so fast and leaving your partner in the dust so to speak. Finding different sex positions that allow you and your partner to orgasm closer together (or even have a simultaneous orgasm!) may soon become your new favorite.

Sex is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. If you’re stressing out over not being able to last very long in one sex position, just try another and go with the flow. Experiment to find what works! Chances are, it’s going to be more than one thing that does the trick, but it just may not be what you expect.

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