Q&A: Sex Positions – Putting A Pillow Under Her Back And Hips


Finding good sex positions that both you and your partner find comfortable – and pleasurable – isn’t always as easy as everyone makes it sound. In fact, many people struggle with sex positions, so if you’re trying to find the right one, you’re not alone. Are there ways to support your or your partner’s body during sex without expensive sex furniture and just using items found around the house?

Question: Say she’s laying on her back during sex. Does putting a pillow under her lower back and buttocks help with anything?

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Changing The Angle Of Penetration

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Propping a pillow under your partner’s lower back and buttocks when you’re in the missionary position (whether you’re on top or she’s on top) can drastically change the sensations both you and your partner experience. Commonly, many men prefer to be on top while their partner’s are below them, with a pillow under their buttocks. This lifts the woman’s pelvis and provides for lots of different angles. Use larger or smaller pillows based on how different you want the angle of penetration to be. Experiment with different sizes of pillows until you and your partner find a position that you both really enjoy! You can also use pillows underneath her lower back and buttocks if you want to reach the g-spot more easily with your penis. The g-spot is located on the top wall of the vagina, so it is difficult to reach if you’re just in the standard missionary position.

Penetrating More Deeply

Men who have smaller penises will also benefit from using the pillow propping technique. Propping your partner’s pelvis up with a pillow will allow you to penetrate your partner’s vagina much more deeply than if you were simply having sex missionary style. This will make your partner feel like your penis is much longer than it really is and help you to reach her g-spot and other sensitive areas within the vagina. Of course, anyone who wants deeper penetration during sex can use this technique, but men with exceptionally large penises may want to go slow at first to make sure their partner is comfortable. You may be surprised at just how deep you can go with a pillow underneath your partner!

Using A Pillow During Oral Sex

Many men also prop their partner’s pelvises up on pillows when performing oral sex as well. Placing a pillow under your partner’s lower back and buttocks during oral sex doesn’t necessarily make it better for her in a straightforward manner, but most men report that it helps keep them from getting a crick in their neck. Ladies, if your man is comfortable down there, he’s liable to stay down there longer and give you an even better orgasm! Again, try using different size pillows until you find one that you are most comfortable with and gives you the best angle for oral sex.

Failing the pillow technique, you can always invest in a great piece of sex furniture. Although they can be somewhat expensive, the Tantra Sex Chair is a great way to help you and your partner get into just about any position you can imagine, and comfortably too!

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