3 Super HOT Techniques For Any Sex Position


Sex positions are a great way to spice up your love life – but it’s time to go outside the “box.” Here are three tips you can use with any of the sex positions!

1. Angles & Reverses

Have you ever noticed that almost all sex positions have reverses? They’re not always performed face-to-face, they can also be done back-to-face or butt-to-face.

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The Woman-On-Top for example, has the ‘Reverse Rider’ Position where the lady rides with her back to you. The Man-On-Top has two reverse versions, the male ‘Reverse Rider’ – where the gentleman rides with his back to the lady, albeit a difficult one. And of course, the classic ‘69’ Position.

Not all Side-by-Side Positions are executed face-to-face, one may penetrate coming from the back – which can also be classified under Rear Entry. (Like when it’s late in the evening and your lady is sleeping with her back to you, and you suddenly get the idea for a quickie. You simply slide her undies half-way and wiggle from behind – hoping she won’t wake-up before you’re done.)

These variations are not for aesthetic purposes. The feel for each is unique as the strokes come from unique angles – it’s a different set of sensual experience.

2. It’s All About Legs

Your hot rod hangs between the legs, the vagina resides between her legs – and the objective is to acquaint these two so they can do each other some good.

So guess what – those legs (yours and hers) play one of the most principal roles in determining variations. If you think about it, positions have a lot to do with how the limbs are configured. And it’s usually the woman who has legs shifting and flailing about. (Are they spread, crossed, raised, wrapped around your body?) The man, affecting the strokes, often needs leg support for balance and stability.

Changes in leg poses can create a variety of sex positions. One may not be aware of it, but a simple shift in limbs could result in many different configurations.

But more than that, seemingly innocent limb placements do affect the dynamics of penetration, and therefore, the resulting sensations. Leg configurations affect how your penis approaches her vagina, even the nature of the stroke itself. It’s not just for the sake of pose variety; it carries consequences that modify shape, size, depth and tightness of the vaginal barrel because internal changes take place in consonance with those leg movements.

For example, every time a woman brings her legs together and brings both her knees to her chest, like in a fetal position, she’s actually shortening and tightening her vaginal barrel. Thrusting in this position results in maximum penetration. The position is therefore advised for gentlemen with tiny weiners. This way, his penis feels bigger and longer in a shortened, tightened and tensed vaginal barrel.

Conversely, the knees-to-the-chest thing is not prudent for men with a big penis. Theirs will just drive straight into her cervix, and that’s way too intense for comfort. Not good.

3. Pelvic Positioning

Just as minor shifts in limbs create different sensations, simple adjustments of the pelvis also bring distinct delights. This is caused by the change in how the penis approaches the vagina. As said before, the penis can penetrate the vagina in different angles and sexual variations align the thrusting & receiving pelvises in different ways.

In some sex positions, a woman’s pelvis is tilted up. But every time she raises or lowers her pelvis, she changes the angle of entry – causing different vaginal areas, such as the g-spot, to be targeted.

In the same manner, a man leaning backwards or forwards while inside a woman varies the tension between his erect penis and the vagina. (Twitching his rod while inside also has the same effect, but to a lesser degree.)

The idea here is for the couple to move their pelvises around, experiment, even gyrate them sideways or in circles, and find that specific angle that leads to greatest enjoyment.

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