4 HOT Advanced Sex Positions


Sex positions can make a dull sex life incredible all over again! Here are four advanced sex positions for you to try TONIGHT to turn the heat UP!

1. Side By Side Position 1

If you’ve never tried having sex in a side-by-side position, then now is the time. Many couples find these positions are not only conducive to orgasms but it also allows for more physical contact and a mutual feeling of closeness which, let’s be honest, you want to feel with a special partner. With this first example, you and your partner must lie on your sides facing each other. You’ll need to be as close as possible. Also, make sure that your feet are facing your headboard. The sturdy surface will act as a brace for you when things get really hot.

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Now gently lift your partner’s top leg in the air and slide inside her before placing her leg over yours. She should wrap her leg around you to give you more leverage during penetration. This way the two of you can work together to set a rhythm pleasing to both of your bodies while you also continue some heavy foreplay.

2. Side By Side Position 2

Here’s another way you can enjoy the side-by-side position while helping your partner reach orgasm. This time you won’t be facing each other. Instead, you’ll be on your side behind her. In order to penetrate her, you may need to raise her upper leg a little. Once you are inside and have found a steady thrusting rhythm you should gently lean her backward so she is almost lying on top of you.

Now while you are still thrusting in and out of her vagina, use your hand or a vibrator to stimulate her clitoris.

3. Grinding

When women masturbate with their fingers, they often rub their clitoris using circular movements. Since you know that, you should attempt to use similar circular motions during penetration. To do this, you need to grind into your partner the way you would if you were doing some erotic dancing. Move your hips in a circular motion and make sure that you are pressing against her groin area. The combination of your movement and the pressure on the area will stimulate her clitoris and bring her to orgasm.

4. Alphabet Position

If your partner is more comfortable with the missionary position, but she is still having trouble reaching orgasm, then this position may help. Again, she should be lying on her back, preferably on the floor or a large comfortable bed. You’ll spread out across her on your side, perpendicularly so that the two of you resemble a lowercase “T.”

Place her legs over your body or have one of them hanging off the bed, whichever is most comfortable, and slide your penis inside of her. At the same time you penetrate her, begin using your finger to gently massage her clitoris. Try to mimic the intensity of penetration with your clitoral stimulation. For example, if you’re doing a slow grind, use slow circular motions to stimulate the clitoris.

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