3 Exotic Sex Positions She Will LOVE!


Sex positions that are new are wonderful additions to most couples’ repertoire. Try to incorporate one or two every few weeks to keep things fresh and exciting – even if that means the two of you laughing together while trying to get into the pose! Check out these three sex positions you are both bound to get a kick out of.

1. “The Swing”

It is definitely easier to perform this maneuver if you have got a swing with a flat seat to it (like a tire or plank of wood), but if you want to be really adventurous, you’ll get yourselves a swing just for sex.

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Have your wife lie back on the swing so that it is propping her up between her shoulder blades, with her back flat and her legs firmly planted on the ground, if she can reach. Her knees should be bent and wide enough apart for you to put yourself between them, and she can use her arms to prop herself up on the swing so she can get a better view of what’s going on.

Put your hands on her hips – or the swing – for leverage and to move her between your legs. Make sure she holds on tight, or at least stays strapped in if you are using a special sex swing.

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If she props herself up, she will be able to control just how much clitoral stimulation she receives, and she can pull you towards her as well just using her legs if she so desires, controlling the tempo of your movement. It can be a bit tricky to get the rhythm right for this position to work, so have her keep her legs on the ground initially, if she can, just to get into a groove.

Also make sure that you stay in constant contact with her mons pubis, so that she can grind as she wants to and you can feel like you are reaching really deep inside of her vagina, even if you are only moving with the movements of the swing. This move is easier to perform if the swing is around groin height; if it isn’t, she can lower or raise her body accordingly and wrap her legs around your hips to get the right angle.

2. “Plug The Socket”

Have your partner lay on her back with her legs spread and knees bent. Get her to plant her feet and push her groin up so that her bum lifts off the bed. Lie yourself down sideways, perpendicular to her body, with your feet at her head and your head at her feet. Scoot yourself in between her legs, so that one leg fits under her hips, and the other lies over her mons pubis.

Put your foot over by her shoulder and prop your heel up by the area to support yourself. Hold onto the leg closest to you, and get her to do the same. Bend your penis slightly to enter her, and start having sex by grinding and moving against each other slightly, or have her tilt her pelvis up, down and from side to side.

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Make sure that you use your leg to really rub into her above her mons pubis, and encourage her to grind into you to do the same. By moving your hips forward and backward, you’ll rub against her clitoris with extreme precision, giving her an overload of oh-so-good sensations. You may also have a long enough reach to get at her clitoral head to play with it, but it might be easier for her to touch herself instead while you work on keeping the swing steady.

Make sure that you get really tight up against each other, so as to offer shorter, smaller spurts of penetration but lots of rubbing, twisting and humping, without pushing her right off the edge and onto the floor!

3. “Man Spider”

You’ll want to use the bed or some cushions on the floor to make this position work comfortably for you both. Have her lay down on her back, with her buttocks right at the end of the bed or cushions. She should bend her knees and rotate her hips so that her legs lift off their resting place and she is able to hold them up in the air, perpendicular to her body.

Get yourself in push up position, so that your feet land by her head, your pelvic region aligns with hers and your hands or forearms rest on the ground. She will need to take the initiative to insert your penis into her vagina, as you will likely need both of your hands to prop yourself up high enough to stay level with the bed or cushions. If she rocks her hips back and forth to move, you can lift and lower your penis to meet her.

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The unusual angle here helps connect you to your partner in ways she has probably never experienced, enhancing the sexual sensations for you both. For visually inclined women, this is also a highly recommended position because she’ll get a great view of you penetrating her.

The real magic with this position, though, is the possibility for friction: you can use your body weight to increase the pressure along her symphysis, and she can twist and turn her hips to ensure the exact angle of penetration, depth and rub that she requires for orgasm.

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