5 Rear Entry Positions For Better Sex TONIGHT!


Sex positions can keep your bedroom activities fresh. Here are 5 rear entry positions for better sex tonight!

1. Backwards Beauty

Sit up on a firm surface with your legs straight out in front of you, knees slightly bent, and your spine erect. Get your partner to sit on your lap, straddling your thighs, with her back to you. Insert your penis into her vagina, and then gently push her forward so that she’s lying face down along your legs, with her legs out straight behind her.

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Move her along your penis by pushing her hips and getting her to pull on your ankles in a rhythmic motion. For more clitoral stimulation, get her to rotate her pelvis from forward to backwards, arching her back the entire time.


There’s a lot of friction for your partner in this position; not only does she get her clitoris rubbed by your balls and root, but she can control the amount and depth of penetration too.

If she finds she’s not getting enough clitoral stimulation, have her raise her rear slightly and arch her back, then pull her further back into you snugly. Sex toys work beautifully here as well, since it’ll get trapped between your bodies without a lot of wiggle room.

2. Closed Legs

If your partner faces down with her legs straight and spread only a little bit, with her bottom tilted up slightly, you can put your legs on either side of hers, and enter her from behind. Once settled in, ask her to close her legs and cross her ankles so you’re really trapped inside her all snug and tight.


She’ll feel every inch of you as you pull in and out of her – a plus since there isn’t a lot of room for movement with this position. As an added bonus, you can easily reach under her and play with her breasts or clitoris, and still have the right angle to whisper sweet nothings in her ear, or kiss and nibble at her neck. Really, there isn’t much you can do wrong with this position, especially if you’re both a fan of rear entry.

3. Doggy Walking

Before trying this position, I didn’t enjoy doggy style sex much at all. I found it difficult to orgasm, felt disconnected from my partner, and way too exposed to the elements. It took me several years to find a rear-entry position that worked well for me, and this is definitely my current favorite.

Why? Because I’m in control, receive both G-Spot and clitoral stimulation, and feel very grounded while performing it. My partner doesn’t complain either, as he’s got fantastic view of the action. Here’s how to try doggy.

Walking and get the most out of the position’s angle. Set yourselves up in standard doggy position. Enter your partner, and then lean back with your hands on the floor to stabilize.

She should move back a bit to tuck her bum right up against your pelvis, and straddle one or both of your thighs with her clitoral area flush and snug against your leg(s). Move by thrusting your hips up or have her push her hips back against you. Alternatively, she can grind into you to control clitoral stimulation.


Because you’re entering her from the rear, you’ll be stimulating her G-Spot nicely. Play on the sensation by thrusting up instead of across her body like you normally would, and see if you can feel the G-Spot’s spongy mass increase in size as she gets more into it.

Use both your arms and legs to really push yourself into her, but try and keep your pelvic areas meshed with one another the entire time. It wouldn’t hurt if she wiggled her buttocks from side to side, intertwining your squishy bits all the more. Let her choose the tempo of your movements, and try lifting one of your legs a bit to see if it helps rub her nub even more.

4. Chair Over

Get a sturdy chair with no arms and ask your partner to lie down on it, so that her legs and arms are touching the ground and her belly is on the seat. If she can’t reach the floor with both her hands and her feet, then have her hang her legs down. Try to get her pubic mound in line with the edge of the chair.

Kneel behind her and put your penis inside of her, then thrust a few times until you get a rhythm going. Hold on to her legs if you’d like, or get her to push back against your legs with her feet. Let her breasts dangle over the edge of the chair, so they don’t get squished.


This position is guaranteed to get her blood really pumping hard, which might make her a bit light headed. On top of all that, she can rub up against the chair with her pelvis, getting some extra stimulation (and maybe even clitoral stimulation depending on your angle and height).

The feeling of weightlessness with you behind her will surely make her feel amazing; you can even try pulling her hair gently and see how she reacts!

5. The Wheelbarrow

Get your partner to bend over the side of a bed or sturdy couch with her body pressed against it and her legs on the floor. As you enter her from behind and between her legs, hold her legs just above the knees and lift. Her body should still be partially on the bed, but she’ll literally be suspended on your penis.

Encourage her to keep her legs straight, as it makes the position a lot easier to hold. If she gets tired she can bend her knees and place her ankles on the bed for support. Use her hands to push back against her and thrust into her while holding her hips firmly. She won’t get to move around much, but the angle is one of the best available for G-Spot stimulation, so it may not take long for her to climax.

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