5 Red Hot Rear Entry Sex Positions


Sex positions are fun to play around with and many guys love rear entry sex positions. Here are five that are so hot, you’ll have to take a cold shower!

1. Rear In The Air

The rear entry position has long been heralded as one of the best positions to use to help a woman reach orgasm. However, you need to know the right positions to achieve maximum effectiveness. Here’s one way. Have your partner get in the “doggy style” position on the bed. You stand behind her.

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Now before you begin, ask her to lower her top half and rise up her bottom so that her back is arched. When she’s comfortable, you can commence with penetration. In this position, you should be able to stimulate her G-spot (another sensitive area on a woman), plus you can reach below her and use your hand to massage her clitoris.

2. Fun In The Tub

If your foreplay began with you giving your partner a bath, then this may be a good way to take it to the next level when she’s ready. Keep the tub partially filled with warm water (and bubbles if you like). Your partner gets into the tub first and kneels down. She should be close to the faucet so you have plenty of room behind her.

When you get into the tub, you’ll kneel down behind her and penetrate her from behind. As you’re both enjoying this, you can use a showerhead to direct a stream of water directly on her clitoris or you can use a waterproof vibrator to stimulate her. Either method will work wonders, particularly if she has enjoyed masturbating in the tub before.

3. The Leg Clench

While most rear entry positions require the “doggy style” position, this one does not. In fact, if your partner is partial to the missionary position, this may be a good one to try. Your partner stretches out on the bed face down while you straddle her body from behind.

Once you’re deep inside her, ask her to clench her legs together and cross her ankles. This position will keep your bodies close together, which many women enjoy. Plus, she can add even greater pleasure for herself by clenching and unclenching her PC muscle in time with your thrusts. Another benefit of this position is that if you have difficulty preventing yourself from ejaculating before your partner climaxes this technique will slow you down and can buy you some extra time.

4. She’s In Control

One of the most erotic things for a woman to experience sometimes is being in complete control of the sex act during a session. This position can make that possible. In this technique, you sit down on the bed with your legs straight out in front of you. Your partner lowers herself down onto your penis by straddling your legs and facing away from you. You do not move; you allow her to move in the anyway she wants and to set her own rhythm. This gives her more control so she can determine what feels the best for her while you enjoy the view from your end.

5. One Leg Lifted

Women do tend to enjoy this particular position more than others in the “doggy style” category, so it’s definitely one you’ll want to try out. As usual, your partner will be down on all fours. However, one of her legs should be lifted up at angle. Since this position is difficult to hold for long, you should assist her by sliding some soft pillows under leg to prop it up. Instead of penetrating from straight on, you’ll want to position yourself at an angle to her body.

Now slowly insert your penis into her vagina all the way. Don’t stop until your testicles brush against her bottom. Just as slowly, pull it out and repeat. You can speed up a little, but the idea with this technique is to use long, slow strokes. The deeper penetration gives you a better chance of stimulating her clitoris and/or her G-spot, plus most men get off on watching their penis slide inside their partners. Maybe it’s a little like watching a self-made adult movie.

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