5 Weird But Awesome Sex Positions!


Sex positions don’t have to be the same every single time you have sex. Here are five strange but totally erotic and orgasmic sex positions you can try tonight!

1. Comfy Cozy

Sit up with your legs straight while your partner lowers herself, facing you, onto your penis. Ask her to bend her knees so that her legs are tucked underneath and her ankles meet your hips, then sit up partially and hug her, slowly bending forward. As you move toward her she will naturally move back, arching her spine slowly so that her back rests comfortably on your legs.

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Open up her chest even more to allow you breast access by putting her hands on your ankles and her elbows out to the side. Move by pulling her with your arms onto your penis, or bouncing slightly with your hips.


She is wide open and vulnerable in this position, while you act as the protector. Nurture her by showering her with kisses and telling her how amazing she looks impaled on your love-spear and you’ll get her even closer to orgasm. Slow and sensual is this position’s game, and the more you arch her back with your arms behind her, the more G-Spot action she’ll receive, along with plenty of clitoral coaxing.

2. The Creeping Spider

A challenging but intriguing position that plays on a man’s core strength and a woman’s sense of play, this move starts with you lying flat on your back and pressing your shoulders into the ground, arms at your side. Bend your knees as much as you can and place your feet firm and flat on the ground. Your partner should then squat down on top of you with her feet planted strong as well. Enter her while raising your hips off the ground so that you are in a straight plank position.

Your lover should still be squatting on your manhood. Once you find your balance, lift one leg so the ball of your foot faces the ceiling, and get your partner to hold onto it like she’s driving a stick shift. Movement occurs when she subtly bounces on you, with the tension and pressure flexing back from your hips, thighs and core.


If you can get the hang of it, this is a deeply penetrating position, and one that offers a lot of leverage for your woman to really grind into. It will be a lot easier for you if you keep your spine as straight as possible, and bounce only slightly during sex. She can hold onto your leg for balance, and grind herself into you as she feels necessary to get off. The lady is definitely in control here, so let her show you what works.

3. Choker

In my opinion, this is one of the most unusual sex positions I’ve found. I hadn’t heard of it before researching sex positions for this series, but as soon as I saw it I immediately had to try it – and with great results, believe me! Still, it’s a bit tricky to get into position correctly and then to find a rhythm that works well for both of you, but well worth the added time.

Sit down with your legs slightly bent and ask your partner to straddle your hips, facing away from you. Slide into her, pushing her forward onto your knees if need be. Have her pull her arms back and hold onto your shoulders or the back of your neck, whichever is more comfortable. She may need your help to get her arms back far enough, while leaning further forward to reach.

Get her to lift her feet at the knees so you can hold onto them for leverage, and you are in position! Move with her pulling on the back of your neck while you raise and lower your thighs, or have her push against your hands with her feet. It will be a subtle movement, but highly effective if she’s positioned correctly.


You are at a prime angle for deep penetration, G-Spot stimulation and symphysis friction: all three in one position is rare. Moving your legs will allow her different angles for clitoris pressure, so play around to see what direction she likes most. Giving her the ability to do most of the movement might tire her out, but she’ll get to choose the tempo and speed with which you have sex. If she needs a break, she can lean forward and put her hands on the ground instead, which may give her enough balance and strength to release.

4. Comfy Corner

Place a chair without arms perpendicular to the edge of a bed. Lie down so that your waist is at the edge of the bed and your calves and feet lie comfortably on the chair. Tilt your body to one side and lift a knee high along your body so that it faces the ceiling. Bend your lower leg so that calf and foot are flat on their side on the chair. Your hips and upper legs should lie free of the bed and chair, suspended in air. Have your partner straddle one of your hips and the leg that sits on the chair, facing away from you.

Both her legs should bend slightly so that her feet are on the floor, or prop up against the bottom of the bed with only her toes flat on the ground. Put your penis inside her vagina. Lean her forward so that she’s lying along the leg on the chair, with one breast on either side of your leg. Use her arms above her head as a pillow and to prop herself up so her back remains straight. Get her to push herself back and forth against your groin and watch her masturbate with your body.


An excellent, relaxing position for both of you to get exactly what you want: she gets tons of stimulation between her legs and there is a great view available for you. If the bed and chair are positioned close enough to one another, you should be able to sustain sex for an extended period of time. Moving the leg she’s draped over will help her grind against you, and may even enable her to find a sweet spot for clitoral and symphisis stimulation. Use this when both of you are tired and want a slow, comforting session together, or when she’s perfected her pelvic thrusting technique and wants to try it out for a mind-blowing release.

5. Sitting Pretty

Have your partner lie down on her stomach with a pillow wedged firmly under her hips. Get her to prop her upper body up with her forearms so she’s looking forward comfortably and only her breasts remain on the floor. Walk up behind her and sit down so that your bums touch. Straddle her body with your legs, your feet up against her elbows. Use your hands to put your penis inside her; she may need to move forward somewhat to angle her buttocks back and up for you to fit.

Once you’ve penetrated, lean back and put your hands on the floor, outside of her feet, and push your backside up against hers snugly. Move by rocking your body slightly and very slowly back and forth, thrusting from both your arms and feet; if you don’t go slow and gentle, you’ll likely fall out. She can help by arching her back and using her forearms to push back against you, and by opening her legs slightly so that her mons pubis gets some contact friction from the pillow.


Because you can’t take advantage of any symphysis in this sex position, you’ll want to use your hips to push her down into the pillow to creating a similar sensation to pelvic thrusting. Keep your penetration deep, yet your movements shallow, and you’ll play with her G-Spot and the most sensitive parts of her vaginal opening nicely. Tilting her pelvis will help with both penetration and arousal foreplay for her. Lying on a waterbed or soft, bouncy bed will add to the thrill.

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