6 Side By Side Sex Positions That Will Leave Her Breathless


Sex positions will ramp up your sex life in ways you never thought possible! Try these killer “cuddle” sex positions that your girl will absolutely LOVE!

Sideways sex positions are more of a hybrid than a category of positions in their own right; they offer all the benefits of rear-entry without the physical taxation that most partners experience doing it doggy style. Side-by-side sex also offers unique angles for penetration and usually a strong G-Spot aspect, all of which are beneficial to your gal’s bottom line. The perfect time to try a sideways sex position is when either (or both) of you need a bit of a relaxing sex session, or have exhausted yourself before reaching the Big O.

1. Three Quarter Cross

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Lie your partner down on her side with her hand supporting her head. Bend her knees and get her to lift one of her legs. Lie on your side and squeeze in between her legs so that your bodies form a T. Put yourself into her, and lean forward slightly. Hold onto her hip for support and thrust into her. She can move her upper leg to determine how much you can penetrate, and it’ll be easier for you if you use her upper leg to prop yourself up.


Both of your hands are free to play with her breasts or clitoris, so move around to make sure it’s comfy for you both before going to town. Your legs are also in a prime position to rub up against her mons pubis and clitoral hood, and she can tilt her groin towards you to increase the pressure. Because this is an easy position for both of you to perform, use it when she knows it might be a while for her to orgasm, or when either of you are in the mood for a long, languorous love session.

2. Just Chillin’

You’ll need a bench or the side of the bed for this position. Have your lover lie down on one side with her legs bent, right at the side of the bed or bench. Get her to raise up her top leg so her knee points toward the ceiling, and put your whole body in the hole her legs create. Put your outside leg on the ground and place your other leg on the bench or bed. Hook her leg in the air with your elbow and pull it tight in to your body before entering her. You can move by pushing with your legs or moving her captured leg under your arm, and she can rotate her hips or clench her buttocks for some extra tension.


Even while moving your penis inside your partner, you’ll still be closely connected in the most intimate of ways. This is a really snug position where clitoral contact is almost constant but it is definitely more of a grinding movement than a thrust. You can put a bit of power behind the movement if you like, really pushing her up and down along your penis, which will thrill many women immensely. Just make sure that your pubic bone is in constant contact with her mons pubis and labia, and you’ll be well poised for the kind of stimulation she’ll need for orgasm.

3. Leg Up On The Competition

Start with your partner on her side with her knee on top bent to face the ceiling. Have her grab onto the ankle of her bent leg for support. Lie down on top or beside your partner, depending on how your bodies line up, then hook your top leg over her bent leg and put your foot on the ground for support. Leave your other leg straight, and line it up with your partner’s outstretched limb, perhaps intertwining your legs if you so desire.

Put your hands above her head to use as leverage. In this position, you can move as you would if you were in missionary position, just at a slightly different angle. You have full control over the depth of penetration and the speed in which you do it in this position, so mix it up a little!


There’s a lot of depth to this position, and she’s wide open for the taking. You are raised up higher than you normally would be in plain ole missionary style, so you will be hitting her clitoris exactly where she needs it. She can control the angle of penetration by rolling from side to side and taking you along for the ride.

4. The Figure Eight Mambo

Your partner lies on her side with her knees bent, her ankles touching and her legs parted as wide as she can. Have her prop herself up on the arm beneath her. Lie down in front of her on your side and face her feet. Slowly move forward until she has to open her legs even more to accommodate your body, and your pelvic areas meet. Get her to wrap her legs around you, and do the same to her. Insert yourself into her. You may have to move down her body somewhat, press your penis down, and have her tilt her bum toward the ceiling to fit. Either of you can move by pushing forward, backward, or to either side.


The magic of this position, as with most sideways positions, is in the tilting of her body. She can rock back and forth to find the perfect angle, and you can thrust away while she’s looking. Both your hands are free to play with buttocks, nipples and other sexy parts, and you’ve both got a great view of the action. She can also grind herself on your leg or tuck her hips up for more clitoral stimulation.

5. Scissors

Lie down next to each other, with your feet at each other’s head. Have her spread her legs with her knees bent, and squirm your way over so that one leg is underneath her lower leg, and the other lies between her parted thighs. Join together by entering her, and hold onto her knee which should end up around your armpit or mid-torso so you can push against her. Her leverage comes from planting her body into the bed, and holding onto your bent leg closest to her. Move by pulling on her leg, pushing with your hips, or opening and closing her legs.


Quite a few of these sex positions look a lot more complex than they really are, and this is one pays off in spades, if you just give it a try. When you push your upper thigh down, you will rub up against her pleasure palace. Grinding and shallow movements are the name of the game, and the highly unusual angle offers some amazing sensations. She can easily play with herself as well, or move around to ensure she’s getting the clitoral stimulation required for orgasm, and can even make eye contact with she really wants to feel connected.

6. Reverse Snuggle

Lay down on your side with your body straight and legs together. Have her lay down next to you, facing away and also on her side, with her head at your feet and her buttocks pressed firmly into your crotch. Enter her from behind, asking her to move further down your body and tilt her bum towards her belly button if you have a hard time entering her. Move with either her pushing back against you, or you pushing into her.


It’ll be a tight squeeze getting into position, but one well worth trying out. With her legs held together, you’ll both feel every inch of one another, and there are few positions like this one for G-Spot play because your penis will push right up inside where it needs to be. Both of you can reach over and play with her clitoris, and she can also get some breast stimulation if she chooses to masturbate. Either of you can control how fast sex propels her toward orgasm, all without anyone expending too much effort to get there.

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