8 SUPER HOT Fresh Takes On The Missionary Position For Guaranteed Orgasms!


Sex positions can easily spice up your relationship, but make sure to follow the instructions closely. A small shift in your lover’s hips, body or where she distributes her weight can mean the difference between discomfort and pain, or pleasure and climax. Remember my recommendation for sex furniture if you’re having a hard time getting the angles right. There’s nothing wrong with a little extra help!

1. The Coital Assignment Technique

Most sex experts suggest this position as a regular staple to ensure your climax, because it focuses on giving you lots of clitoral action at an angle beneficial for deep, highly enjoyable vaginal thrusting which strokes the clitoral complex. This positions is also great for intimacy. When you can master this subtle but oh-so-effective movement while on your back, you can try it in all sorts of sex positions to enhance the experience.

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Start by lying flat on your back. Open your legs to accommodate your lover’s body while he’s putting his penis inside of you. Take your partner’s hips and pull them towards yours, while tilting your own hips upwards like you’re trying to touch your navel to your partner’s pubic mound. Your back will round and you may need a pillow under your hips for comfortable support. Next, have your lover move his body up as much as possible while still keeping his penis inside of you.

You want the weight of your partner’s body propped up by his hands and your pubic mound grinding into his. With each thrust, have your partner focus on rubbing the fleshy part of his body just above where his penis meets the flesh along your vagina. Most women find this action and angle rhythmically pleasing and just enough pressure to come.

2. The Arch Opener

While lying on your back, have your partner place himself over you. Open your legs and have him lie on top of you like he would in missionary style. Once he’s inside you, raise your hips up so that you’re almost in a crab position. Your lover’s body weight rests on your feet, shoulders and the length of your arms.

When you are comfortably raised, put your arms up around your head,  and have your lover hold your wrists to make a box-like shape with your upper limbs and shoulders. You can now use this frame as leverage to push back against your partner, in order to better grind your pelvis into his body for more clitoral action.

3. The Sit Up

When in missionary style, prop yourself up on your elbows so that it lifts your back off the bed. If you needs a bit of help, have your partner support your back with his hands by wrapping his arms around you. As he thrusts in and out of you, sit up even more, tilting your pelvis upwards, and then slowly laying back down again on your back. You’ll essentially perform continuous, assisted sit ups!

4. Legs To the Side

Pretend you’re having sex missionary style, but put your legs straight up in the air instead. It might be easier for you if you place a pillow under your head, but it’s not mandatory. Kneel down and just before your partner enters you, and take both of your legs and push them to the side, keeping them straight as possible. Your partner can use his hands to support himself if need be, or he can place his hands on the bed with his elbows out so you can rest her legs on them occasionally.

5. The Pretzel Cue

Lay on your back and lift your legs, pushing them back toward you a bit so that your knees are around your ears – keep in mind, only the most flexible women will be able to get their legs back this far, so take it easy. Have your partner push back slightly so that your back is off the bed yet still curled up.

Have your lover get comfortable between your legs, and he will press his knees up underneath you against your back, to help prop you up even higher. Have him Lean in and press his body against the backs of your thighs; you may want him to hold onto your legs for support and to keep you both in position. When he penetrates you, start to rock slowly, without him putting too much weight on your body from above, which could injure your lower back.

6. The Countertop Toe Curler

You’ve likely had sex already while you’re lying on something other than the bed, but this position takes things to a whole new level. You’ll see what I mean when you’re in this position. To perform it, lie back on a firm place: a couch, countertop, car hood or even a raised bed works. The tricky part is that when the man stands up straight, you want his pelvic region about a foot higher than yours if you’re lying flat on your back.

Have him get down on his knees if you need to, prop yourself up with pillows, or have him bend his  knees a bit to make sure the height difference works. While you’re lying flat on your back, have him move himself in between your legs. Put your ankles on his shoulders, and tilt your pelvis up towards the ceiling so your body is like a flat plank.

Sex furniture is great for this sort of positioning, especially if  you’ve never moved like this before. Only your shoulders and ankles should touch anything, with the rest of your body perfectly straight. He can grab under your hips to hold onto you while he thrusts into you, giving you both some leverage and support to keep elevated.

7. Legs Together Now

Start off in traditional missionary position. Have your lover keep his penis inside you with his body off the bed and his legs spread. Maneuver your legs in between his, while he focuses on staying inside you. Eventually, both his knees will sit outside of yours, and he’ll be crouched over you with your legs straight underneath him for better sex.

This is a shallow penetration position although your lover can increase the depth of thrusting by lying on top of you and using his arms to prop himself up. This hot sex position offers fantastic clitoral stimulation and a really tight fit for the both of you.

8. Two Chair Ride

You need two high-backed chairs to attempt this sex position, ones with firm armrests that offer a bit of padding for you. Place them side by side, close together, with a few inches between two of the arms. Stand between the two chairs, facing one with your back to the other.

From here, have your lover support you so that you can lean back, your shoulders resting on the arm rest furthest from your body, and your hips braced against the other arm behind you. Have him leave one leg on the floor between the chairs to brace you and add tension, while his leg that is closest to the backs of the chairs splays across armrests in front of you in a comfortable position.

To complete intercourse, he will lie with you so that his upper body is flat against yours. Have him brace his hands against the chair if need be, and have him lift the leg closest to the back of the chair to meet yours. Intertwine legs so that you can use his leg to push against while he’s thrusting.

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