Sex Positions He Likes Best


Sex positions can change up in your sex routine, but what does HE like best? How can you make sex better for HIM (and have him drooling all over you)?

What She Said About Sex Positions For Him:

I’ve always assumed that guys would like “woman on top” best because it offers them a great view of a sexy naked lady, her glorious breasts and her blissful face. Plus with her on top, the man can just lie back and relax a bit. But, I recently came to find out that some men find “woman on top” emasculating! Not emasculating enough to kill the mood, but being ridden by a woman is not always a favorite among men. (I know, I was shocked too!!!)

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Naturally, I then assumed the missionary must be a favorite for men. In this position men can control everything and just go buck wild on their women, or so I thought. Turns out lots of men do not like this position due to the large amount of work and effort they have to put into it. One guy told me it was like “Doing push ups constantly.” YIKES! So I am officially done assuming. And yet, I can’t help but make an educated guess that maybe men like doggy style. In doggy style they can rest on their knees and not have to exert so much energy and they don’t have to look at their partners face.

What He Said About Sex Positions For Him:

So, it’s true, dude on top requires quite a bit of upper body strength, especially tricep strength, which I’m sure you are endless fascinated to learn. I prefer the woman on top, not so much because it’s a nice view (it is) or because women get off way easier (they do), but because so many women are lazy when it comes to sex, but they can’t be when they’re on top.

I can’t tell you how many girls just lay there when you’re on top or they expected you to do all the hip action in doggy style. It’s like they just go “okay, here’s my vagina. Now begin dispensing out the multiple orgasms.” Last time I checked, this was a team sport, right? It does take two to tango, yes? Apparently millions and millions of women have not received this message. I blame feminism and Sex In The City. And of course, Oprah, because we all know every woman on the planet is powerless in the face of Oprah and they just do whatever the hell she tells them.

That’s why woman on top is so great. She has to do all the work, she has make the orgasms happen. Reverse cowgirl or reverse woman on top are more great sex positions, especially for ass men. It’s great stimulation (mentally and physically) for both parties.

Doggy Style

It’s hard to beat doggy style as far as sex positions go. There’s something so raw and primal about it. I think all men love the “me tarzan, you jane” aspect to it. It allows deeper and more intense penetration which is a plus for both parties. And there’s something about that position, simply because it allows you to hit it like a home run in the bottom of the ninth, you know? You feel like a god, because you’re tapping it with a vengeance, she’s penetrated like in no other position, and so she’s screaming in ecstasy, which makes the guy feel like a rock star who screws like a porn star, and there’s just nothing wrong with that.


Missionary can give many men the same primal power, but as I mentioned earlier, it does require quite a bit of upper body strength and many men find they don’t last as long because their body gets tired, and when that happens, the breathing gets shallow and then before you know it, it’s over and that may not be what you both had in mind. You might want to consider other sex positions.


If you can handle it, another one of the hottest sex positions is when the man sits on the edge of the bed, the woman sits on his baby maker, wraps her arms and legs around him and then he stands up and they do the horizontal mambo while standing up. A lot of men can’t hold that position for very long, for obvious reasons, so you can either, pick her up and lean up against the wall or do it like that for a while and then sit down on the beg again. You don’t need to hold that one long, women love that one for many reasons! It takes a bit of practice, but is well worth it!

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