How To Choose The Right Sex Positions


Sex positions can definitely spice up your sex life, but how do you choose the right ones when there are so many different options? Find out now!

Who hasn’t heard of the Kama Sutra? The Perfumed Garden or The Tao? These ancient love texts exhibit the various ways a couple may entangle themselves at play. And no, they are not porn.

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Getting into various sexual arrangements can spice up a sleepy erotic existence, in addition to being a good way to discover each other’s hidden talents. Guys will always want to test the limits of a woman’s flexibility, leg power and skull strength.

But do not assume that the more Evil Knievel-ish the poses, for the lady, the hotter the sex is. While experimenting is good, it should be tempered by common sense so nobody ends up in the emergency room in the middle of the night. Getting into acts hazardous to your health is insane, your choice of sexual positions shouldn’t constitute acts of stupidity, as if you’re out to prove anything.

People will have different takes on plow positions, depending on their tastes; one will be preferred over the others. The following are the five things you should factor into choosing your sex positions.

1. Movement

Men will always favor situations that allow for thrusting with reckless abandon. (We will discuss later what these positions are.) Certain arrangements allow for excellent movement and mobility, others, not so much. In fact, some greatly restrain movement it will seem that your partner has you on a body lock.

2. Accessibility

This refers to manual and visual accessibility to a woman. Some thrusting positions free a hand or two, allowing them to wander into other territories. (As you may already know, a great deal of these free hands end up at the breasts.) Others require both arms for balance & stability for the stroke.

Men love to ogle the goodies as they pound away. Bouncing breasts, moaning faces, and of course, tight behinds are winners. But because the body is profiled a certain way, manual and visual access to these may not be available all at the same time. Woman-on-top for example, makes the face and breast visually and manually accessible, but it leaves her buttocks hidden from view. In a way, there’s a Catch-22 going on.

Very notable height discrepancies between couples can make for some uncomfortable sexual positions. A giant and a dwarf, on the same bed, will have issues with alignment and reach. The ideal is for both to be of the same height and weight categories. The good thing though is that significant height and weight discrepancies among couples are not very common.

3. Stress & Strain

During the sexual tumble, muscles and bones do receive reasonable stress. This is again a question of health, conditioning and medical conditions. Your options for positions will greatly depend on what both your bodies can do COMFORTABLY.

Sex can be lethal. If you’re a couple of 120-year olds still getting some action, there will be positions your soon-to-be bereaved family will strongly advise against. You’ll be better off with more relaxed and more subdued sexual maneuvers.

There are positions that overly strain your back, hips, neck or legs.

You will instantly know what these are because your body will be screaming, “Are you kidding me?!” Others are borderline acrobatic and will drain the joy from the act.

Why engage in those non-practical positions anyway? But if you’re young, healthy and able, you have a lot going for you – there’s POWER OF CHOICE in that.

4. Orgasm Potential

Sexual positions have different clitoris and G-spot potential – some target them perfectly, others render them next to useless.

To increase your hit rate, recall the locations of these two: (1) the clit is located OUTSIDE the vagina – safely nestled under a hood ABOVE the vaginal entrance where the Labia minoras meet. It gets off on friction & pressure. The G-spot on the other hand can be excited INSIDE, through the TOP wall of the vagina.

There are choice arrangements that fire up these areas and offer intense pleasure, eventually leading to a cussing climax. We will soon determine what these are, but men who generally consider themselves givers… already know.

5. Emotional & Psychological Effect

It’s interesting to note that the manner in which two bodies are configured has psychological and emotional bearings on the participants. The partner on top for example, will oftentimes experience the sense of power and leadership, by virtue of playing the dominant role. The one at the bottom can express trust and safe-vulnerability by being led and taking on a more tempered role.

There are positions that signal adventurous excitement and creativity, others, raw passion and unfettered intensity. Through tons of friction and closeness for example, certain positions enhance the feeling of intimacy between two naked bodies. Still, there are arrangements that strike a woman she’s merely being treated as a sexual object.

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