Sex Positions She Likes Best


Sex positions can make sex even better, but guys don’t often consider what a girl wants. Here are some of HER favorites you can use for great sex tonight!

A happy woman is vital to your sex life! Everyone knows men and women love sex, but which sex positions do women like this? Here are some tasty treats for you and your lover to try out!

What She Said About Sex Positions For Her:

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All of them! OK, I know I represent a small majority of women who love sex in every form and position! And I am lucky enough (and work out enough) to have confidence in my body and allow myself to have a healthy body image. I think two naked or half naked bodies doing the horizontal mambo is super sexy! But, there are times when I prefer one position over another.

I have to say that woman on top (WOT is my favorite! When women are on top they can control the speed and depth. Also being on top is perfect for a women to find the right position that rubs her clitoris. Sometimes leaning forward, sometimes leaning back can do the trick. Doggy style is also a winner in my book and great for women who may feel self conscious about their bellies or boobs.

There is something so animalistic about doggy style that I think is a turn on and its also a great position for a guy to bite and nibble on your back and neck! Or he can just hold on to you with his hands, and man hands on a woman’s hip is super erotic. In doggy style, women can control the speed and depth too, just tell your guy to stay still and you can just back your ass up!

What He Said About Sex Positions For Her:

Okay, am I the only one that didn’t know WOT = woman on top? Really? I am? No one sent me the memo? That’s cold.

The sex positions she likes often boil down to either A) which ones she ‘knows’ will get or off or B) the ones that show off her best angles and make her look good.

Ideally every woman would have the confidence in their bodies that old men do. Any guy who has ever gone to the gym knows what I am talking about. They are old, they are fat, and they are naked. Constantly. And they want to have long, in depth conversations with you and they never, ever want to wear clothes. Ever. Not a stitch of modesty, or inhibition, why, I will never know, but every woman should be so uninhibited.

The more uninhibited you are, the more you enjoy sex, and the more sex positions you will enjoy.

Woman on top is great for so many reasons, chief among them the ease in achiving orgasm. I don’t care how unskilled the male lover may be, there’s no way the woman isn’t getting off on top. It’s just not possible. Not only is it guaranteed, her orgasm on top is usually quick and easy. She’s probably going to get off in that position before the man in her life.

I’m not sure it’s as efficient in achieving female orgasm as woman on top, but in my experience, every woman loves to do it standing up. Not every guy has the strength to handle it, but if you can handle it, another great sex position that every woman is sure to enjoy. I’m not sure why they love it so much. Maybe because it’s so primal, and so intense.

Mentally and physically, because you’re being penetrated in a way that is primal and intense, like no other position, and it’s a great measure of trust. He’s literally supporting you and you have to hold on to him in order to not fall and hurt yourself and potential him as well. It is not a position that a couple finds themselves in for super long (as it’s very taxing on the man and easy to get tired and then someone could get hurt), but it’s a pretty intense and amazing position.

How do you pull it off? The simplest way to get into this amazing sex position for women (and men) is to have the man sits on the edge of the bed, the woman sits on his baby maker, wraps her arms and legs around him and then he stands up and they do the horizontal mambo while standing up. A lot of men can’t hold that position for very long, for obvious reasons, so you can either, pick her up and lean up against the wall or do it like that for a while and then sit down on the bed again. You don’t need to hold that one long, women love that one for many reasons! It takes a bit of practice, but is well worth it!

You can then sit back down on the bed, and easily transition back into woman on top or another position.

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