Sex Positions That Will Make You Look STUPID!


Some sex positions will make you appear hot, while others will make you come off absolutely silly! Avoid these sex positions to be on top of your game.

Sex can be hot, horny or even funny!

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Yep, when you accidentally fart, can’t get it in, strain your back or struggle, you know you’re in trouble.

Sex should be fun, but it shouldn’t be ha-ha funny.

The fact is that while some sex positions make you appear hot and horny; others leave you looking down right stupid.

Why Some Sex Positions Make You Look Less Than Stellar

Want to know a top tip on which sex positions are going to make you appear bad, before you pull your trousers down? If the name of the position sounds more like a Chinese proverb, than a description of what’s going on, you could be in for ugly, rather than orgasmic, sex.

‘The Bond of the Tiger’ and ‘The Pair of Tongs’, may sound interesting: but unless you’re an Olympic gymnast then these can be tricky, to near impossible, to pull off: and let’s face it, nothing kills the mood like having to say, ‘a little to the left. Ouch! No, I meant a little to the right.’

So if a sex position involves you:

  • Adopting a yoga position
  • Doing the splits
  • Referring to a sex positions guide mid- flow

Then avoid; especially if you’re with a new partner who you want to impress. Adventurous sex doesn’t have to mean acrobatic; and it’s better to do a ‘normal’ position well, than a ridiculously complex one, that makes you look stupid.

So when you’re with a new partner, who you’re still trying to figure out how you fit together with, go for a classic position that will make you look good.

Which Sex Positions You DO Want To Use

For the ladies, girls on top positions are incredibly flattering. As you ride his cock, a guy gets a great view of your torso and breasts (which I’d squeeze together using your arms as they rest on his stomach). Don’t like your cleavage? Then flip it around into a reverse cowgirl so he gets a shot of your ass.

Remember, even if you feel self conscious about your figure, whoever you’re having sex will feel incredibly lucky to see it: and nothing is sexier than a girl with confidence, who knows how to ride a man.

If you’re the lucky guy enjoying a hot hook-up, and want to make the most of what you’ve got, then try sex positions that make you penetrate more deeply to make the most of your assets.

Doggy style sex will allow her to really feel you; and if you catch sight of yourself in the mirror, will make the most of your manly frame.

If you wind up in missionary don’t feel bad: this position is super popular for a reason! Use it as an excuse to take control, flip her legs above her head and make the most of your thrusts.

So if you want to have a great sex then keep it simple, do it well, and only reach for the Kama Sutra when you’re already a master at the classics.

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