Sex Positions: 3 Ways To Sixty-Nine Your Partner


While there are lots of different sex positions you can use to give your partner great oral sex, the sixty-nine position is the favorite of many couples. Why is that? One of the greatest things about oral sex is that you’re giving your partner a gift for them to enjoy and for them to enjoy alone. However, the sixty-nine position allows both partners to recieve oral sex at the same time and experience levels of pleasure that can’t be reached when one partner is performing oral sex on the other. Here are 3 ways to get it on in the sixty-nine position so you and your partner can experience the pleasure of receiving and giving oral sex together.

Traditional Sixty-Nine

In the traditional sixty-nine position, the woman is on top with her vulva positioned over her partner’s face as he’s lying on the bed, while positioning her own face over her partner’s penis. Her legs will be beside his head, while his legs are stretched out on the bed in front of her. This is one of the easiest ways to sixty-nine with your partner, because usually the woman is smaller and lighter in weight than the man and it is more comfortable for her to be on top. Another benefit to the traditional sixty-nine position is that the woman’s head is not restrained at all and she has full freedom of movement when giving her partner a blowjob. She can slide her mouth up and down her partner’s penis without having to fight with the bed to move her neck. This position also allows her to press her vulva into her partner’s mouth as she becomes more aroused, and both partners can easily rock back and forth as they get closer and closer to orgasm.

Inverted Sixty-Nine

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This oral sex position allows the man to be on top while the woman lies underneath her partner. This position is a little more difficult than the traditional sixty-nine position, but may work better for women who are larger or men who are more comfortable on top. This position will allow the man to thrust his penis into his partner’s mouth as he licks her clitoris, however, this can be a bit difficult for the woman if she has a strong gag reflex or hasn’t deep throated before. It can also be difficult for the woman to breathe while she’s giving her partner head, because often a man’s scrotum will rest right over the woman’s nose. She may need to use one hand to hold her partner’s scrotum out of the way so she can breathe. If you and your partner want to try sixty-nining with him on top, make sure you have a non-verbal signal (such as a strong pinch or slap) that will let him know that she is having trouble breathing or gagging. Agree beforehand that if she uses the signal, he must stop right away.

Sideways Sixty-Nine

The sideways sixty-nine sex position is probably the easiest position to use for simultaneous cunnilingus and fellatio. Instead of one partner being on top of the other, both partners are lying on their sides while giving and receiving oral sex. This can be much more comfortable for both the man and the woman than other sixty-nine sex positions, because one partner doesn’t have to have the weight of the other on top of them. The sideways sixty-nine still allows each partner to fully reach their partner’s genitals and both partners will have plenty of room to move around and pleasure each other orally. Make each other even more comfortable by placing a pillow under each of your heads, so you and your partner can sixty-nine all night long!

Simultaneous Orgasms

Going down on each other at the same time, no matter which position your in is a great way to connect with your partner physically and emotionally. It will also help open up the opportunity for you to experience a simultaneous orgasm with your partner. It’s easy – if one partner is getting too close to orgasm, they can continue giving their partner oral sex while their partner goes slower or stops giving them head until they catch up. If you have never experienced a simultaneous orgasm with your partner and have tried doing so through intercourse without success, you can definitely increase your chances of having an orgasm together through sixty-nining in any position. However, to make sure that both partners get pleasure out of sixty-nining, each partner must be comfortable. Try a new sixty-nine position if one isn’t comfortable enough to allow you or your partner to recieve pleasure.

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