3 Seated Sex Positions To Give Your Girl AMAZING Orgasms


Sex positions offer a lot of flexibility and comfort in a couple’s repertoire. They allow for (at least) one partner to relax and sit up comfortably, and can offer tremendous clitoral stimulation for your wife as well.

The first time I ever came during intercourse, my partner and I used a seated position that offered both clitoral and internal G-Spot stimulation like no other, and it’s still my go-to position when I want to orgasm quickly while looking in my lover’s eyes. Every woman is different so why not try some of the under-appreciated seated positions to see if any can offer up just what you’re both after.

1. Hot Tub Squat

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This position is best in a hot tub or pool with a seated ledge, although it’s possible to perform in a comfy, firm, high-backed chair. Try to keep your genitals out of the water if possible, as chlorine in the vagina can lead to a nasty infection. Get into the tub (or the chair) and sit comfortably with legs bent and your feet flat on the floor.

Have the girl squat on top of you with her knees bent and tucked under your armpits. Plant her feet on the seat beside you and ask your girl to hold onto your shoulders or the back of the chair for support. The movement of the water will determine how frenzied of a sex session you’ll have, but that’s not a bad thing since most women prefer a little bit of a slower experience while building to climax anyway.


In this position, she can control the speed and depth of penetration, and has lots of leverage to grind her clitoral head into you. If she wants more of a thrill, get your girl to tilt her pelvis towards you, and she’ll feel the G-Spot stimulation almost immediately. Or, turn on the water jets in the hot tub and sit on one, spreading your legs.

The flow will hit every girl right where she needs it, like a makeshift water vibrator. Avoid grabbing the hips and trying to push/pull. Trying to control the thrusting from this position will just be plain annoying, so don’t bother.

2. Lotus

Sit down with your legs crossed in the middle of a bed or on the floor. Your partner straddles your lap so that the girl’s legs wrap around your back and she supports herself with your arms, shoulders and torso.

Gently enter the vagina, rocking back and forth in slow motion to increase pleasure for both of you. If she finds this position to be filling her too deeply, get the girl to move back slightly on your upper thighs so she has more control over the penetration.


Of all the positions in this eBook, this is the one that received the gross majority of the thumbs-up votes from sex experts and couples alike. In fact, most of the educators I spoke with suggested starting with this position before trying any others, as it’s almost guaranteed with enough time to get her in the right head space and body position to cum.

The rocking movement allows for long, gliding penetration, covering the entire length of the vagina. The G-Spot receives lots of attention too, as does her clitoral hood and head because of the angle and speed. She can also press her breasts up against your body to increase the heat, and make intimate eye contact for mind-blowing bliss.

This is one of the tamer positions in this eBook, but don’t let it fool you can hold this position for hours if need be, and it’ll provide most of the stimulation she craves to get off.

3. Lie Back Lotus

Yoga aficionados will appreciate this intricate sex position. Find a comfortable spot on the floor and sit down with your legs crossed. Invite your lover to sit on your lap with her legs wrapped around your body and have her lay back on the ground, supporting her with your crossed legs.

Penetrate her, making sure that your pelvises are tightly pressed against one another, and your bodies are snug in an embrace. Grasp each other’s wrists and arch both of your backs slowly, leaning back until both of your heads touch the ground. If your penis falls out (and it may if you weren’t tightly enmeshed before you moved backwards) scoot your bum forward and slowly sit up.

Put yourself back inside her, and slowly lie back again. Your knees should prop her up mid-back, and hers should do the same for you. Move with gentle thrusts toward each other, with pelvic lifts, or subtle leg movements.


It might not seem like a doozie of a sex position, but this little number is something that especially that comes to mind when tantra or yoga fans talk about ‘yoking’. No, that’s not the yellow part of an egg, but rather the word that yoga aficionados use to describe an inseparable connection between two things.

In yoga this refers to the spirit and the body, but in tantra it refers to two people coming together. By lying in this position, you’re choosing to connect with your partner on a higher, more spiritual plane which for some women is crucial to sexual release.

If she tells you she doesn’t feel connected to you or that the spark is somehow lacking, try this position and see if she feels the same way afterward. My guess is that you’ll be coming together in more ways than one!

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