Orgasmic Sex Positions You Can Use To Excite Her G-Spot With EVERY Thrust!


Still using the same old sex positions?

Did you know that almost 75% of women CAN’T have an orgasm just through intercourse?

The Little Black Book of Sex Positions
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WOW! That’s a lot of women! Chances are, your girl belongs to that 75%.

Did you also know that almost 67% of women FAKE their orgasms?

So even if you ARE giving your partner an orgasm, chances are you really AREN’T and she’s just faking it! OUCH!

“FREE Video Demonstrates 3 Red-Hot Sex Positions You Can Use To Excite Her G-Spot Head-On… With Every Thrust!”

Free Video - Orgasmic Sex Positions

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You can give your lover deep, g-spot orgasms that make her whole body shudder with gut wrenching pleasure by changing just 1 simple thing – without having to learn any oral sex or fingering techniques. In fact, you can give her the most incredible, earth shattering orgasms that are so hot you’ll want to put a towel down first (or you can just change the sheets afterwards, your call) with just your penis!

LIES You’ve Been Led To Believe

Most guys really want their partners to have an orgasm during sex. Most guys aren’t the “wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am” kind of guy. But they’ve been brainwashed to believe downright LIES about women and their pleasure. Here are some of the untruths that have been drilled into a man’s mind, even making him think that the problem is HER, not him:

  • That you’re a really bad lover if you can’t make your partner orgasm during sex (this has *some* truth to it, but it doesn’t mean you’re a bad lover – it simply means you’re uneducated! ANY man can become an INCREDIBLE lover if he just knows the right things to do!)
  • If she can’t have an orgasm just with a man’s penis inside her, something must be wrong with HER (this is SO untrue! A woman’s hot spots aren’t even really reachable through the regular sex positions that most guys have been taught or have read about)
  • If a woman can’t reach orgasm, you can’t do anything about it. She either can or she can’t. (NOT true! EVERY woman is built to reach orgasm. In fact, that’s what the clitoris is for and that’s the ONLY thing it’s for! If she can’t get off, something is wrong and it’s not her body)

Here’s a key principle:
Great sex can be boiled down into a CONCISE set of rules…
just as lousy sex is the result of a few simple mistakes!

There are a handful of sex positions that provide more intense & deeper stimulation for her than usual.

Not only do these sex positions provide the added rubbing motion needed to stimulate her intimate parts… they greatly increase her chances of actually having an orgasm!

Our good friend Gabrielle Moore has just released “Orgasmic Sex Positions!”: Advanced Positions For Better And More Intense Orgasms!

What Is “Orgasmic Sex Positions” All About?

Think of it as a modern, fully-illustrated Kama sutra for the 21st century. This is the complete graphical playbook both you and your lover can refer to… over and over again… each time you make love!

With Orgasmic Sex Positions, you will learn exactly what to do and how to do it so your girl will have an orgasm EVERY SINGLE TIME you have sex! Not to mention that her orgasms will be deeper, wetter, faster and HARDER than ever before?

You’ll find out so many things that you never knew before. These EXCLUSIVE tips & techniques are ones you won’t find ANYWHERE else!

You’ll find out how to instantly know if your partner is faking her orgasm! You’ll also learn the right sex positions to use to give your lover MULTIPLE orgasms!

If you thought your sex life was over and it was time to order a tombstone, you’re WRONG!

Your sex life can become better than ever, no matter how old you are or how long you and your partner have been together!

Plain and simple, the Orgasmic Sex Positions system WORKS!

The secret is 68 mind-bending sex positions that you haven’t tried (no, these aren’t the ones that you’ve read about in magazines!). These are the ones that have been PROVEN time and again to give a woman earth shattering orgasms! She will be begging, gasping and moaning for you to thrust harder, deeper and faster!

What You’ll Learn In Orgasmic Sex Positions

  • Why using the same sex positions over and over will DESTROY your sex life
  • The SHOCKING truth about the missionary position!
  • One simple way to have better sex STARTING TONIGHT!
  • Why sex positions on the Internet aren’t going to get you anywhere (and how they can actually hurt your sex life)
  • What “bad boys” do in bed that gets girls so CRAZY and how you can do it too!
  • How improving your sex life doesn’t mean buying a bunch of sex toys or lingerie

Great Sex Is The Foundation For A Happy Relationship!

If you’re not having great sex with your partner, you’re in for a downhill ride when it comes to your relationship. Sure, lots of people have “happy” relationships without great sex, but they honestly don’t know what they’re missing.

Great sex increases the bond between two people, making them feel more loving and more forgiving of each other. It allows them to connect on an emotional and physical level in a way that NOTHING ELSE CAN. That’s right – nothing else can help you connect to your partner the way great sex can.

Think about it this way:

Have you ever noticed that your partner becomes more grouchy after a sex session where she didn’t reach orgasm?

She’s sexually frustrated and taking it out on you! 

Chances are, she got aroused but didn’t quite make it over the edge. So she’s going to gripe more about you not taking the trash out or whatever else she can think of, because you DIDN’T satisfy her in the bedroom!

You mean, giving her better sex will make her stop bitching at you?


Don’t Learn The Hard Way

Even more than creating a happier relationship, great sex is the KEY to keep a woman from cheating on you. Women have sexual needs and if YOU aren’t meeting them, someone else will. Too many guys who have downloaded Orgasmic Sex Positions only found this out AFTER their wife or girlfriend had already cheated on them.

You don’t want to be that guy!

Orgasmic Sex Positions will teach you how to stimulate your partner the RIGHT way during sex, so the chances of her actually having an orgasm increase every time you have sex! If you’re pleasing her during intercourse and making sure she’s getting off on it just as much as you, she won’t have the desire to cheat on you! However, if you are ignoring her needs and only caring about your own pleasure, she will find someone else who DOES care about her pleasure – and it won’t be YOU!

If you get it TODAY, you’re going to start seeing results TONIGHT! It’s that easy!

Are you ready for the BEST SEX OF YOUR LIFE? And the best sex of HERS?

Get your copy of Orgasmic Sex Positions NOW! Don’t wait! Your girl is counting on you!

"The Little Black Book of Sex Positions"

by Dan & Jennifer
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