Top 3 Sex Positions For Married Couples


Trying new sex positions is a great way to turn up the heat in the bedroom, especially for married couples. Men and women who are married have some benefits when it comes to their sex lives, but there are also a few drawbacks. First of all, you are expected to live together, which means sharing the same bed every day. This also means you get to do it whenever you want. And, if the timing is right, you can even do it anywhere around the house. Living out the kind of sex that you have always dreamed of is possible when you have a partner to share it with.

One drawback to married sex is that sex becomes a part of a routine. Even without getting naked and diving under the sheets, you know how it will go. This is particularly true for couples who seem to know only one or two sex positions. This is when you start to wonder whether you can break the “groundhog day” rut in your sex life anytime soon.

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There are many ways to spice things up, and one of these is changing the sex positions that you use when you hit the sheets.


This is a sex position that is considered either challenging or easy, depending on various factors. The woman’s buttocks may be in the way, or the man’s penis may not be inserted fully. Because the man is directly behind the woman, he should angle his thrusts upward so that deeper penetration is possible.

The position is the naughtier version of cuddling so you can progress from ‘just a cuddle’ to sex in just a few seconds. The woman can freely touch her clitoris during penetration because she does not have to balance herself using her arms (like in the dog style position).

Standing Up

This is best done against the wall so that the man would not have to strain much should he want to carry the woman during sex. If carrying is not possible, the man can simply lift one of the woman’s legs and penetrate at an angle. If you have a pool, you can go to the deepest part (approximately 5 feet deep) and have sex there in this position. The water will buoy her up so that you do not have to do much lifting.

One disadvantage of the standing position is that the thrusting will be all up to the man. The woman will also have a hard time balancing so she will most probably just hang on to his neck or shoulders.

Woman On Top

Ideally, when a woman stays on top during sex, she should be the one to move. However, there are some women who get tired easily because they have to squat to pull off the woman on top position. What happens is that the woman grinds instead of moving her hips up and down. Some men dislike the sensation of ‘grinding’, which the woman does when she is tired. The solution? Thrust upward so that you can still control the rhythm and ask her to stay still.

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