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Sex positions can make or break your sexual experience with your partner. If you’re in a sex rut, new sex positions can really spice things up and make you and your lover feel like you did when you first got together. If your sex life is fun and healthy, new sex positions can really take things to the next level. Surprise your lover tonight with this fun twist on an old classic.

Traditional Spooning

You’ve probably done spooning before, where the woman lays on her side and her lover enters her from behind. This is a fun one to do, because it can provide a great angle for g-spot stimulation for the woman. It’s also great if she’s tired, or if the man wants to fondle her breasts or clitoris during intercourse. The problem with traditional spooning is that neither partner gets to face each other during sex.

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Without chest to chest and eye contact, there is a reduced sense of intimacy during sex. It can feel more like a “job” to do or it may end up just being a quickie that neither partner really enjoys but it “gets the job done,” so to speak. If you want to feel emotionally and physically close to your lover during sex, traditional spooning is probably not one of the sex positions you’re going to want to choose.

Spooning With A Twist

Does that mean you have to give up spooning completely or only enjoy it every now and then? Because having sex on your side can be so much fun and it can feel really great for both the man and the woman! If you love spooning during intercourse with your lover but would like to have more face to face contact with them, you can! You don’t have to find something else to do, just twist your body around so you’re facing your partner on your side. Here’s how do do it:

  • Lie on your side facing your partner
  • The woman’s legs will be straight, but the one not laying on the bed should be lifted up and hooked around her partner’s hip
  • The man will then scoot closer to her so that he can insert his penis into her vagina

Basically, it’s going to be just like you were spooning away from each other but instead you will be facing each other and the woman will have one of her legs hooked around her lover’s hips so that she can bring him closer to her. With spooning with a twist, you’re still having intercourse on your side, but you’re face to face with your lover for more emotional intimacy.

Why This Move Is So Hot For Him

He may be all for trying different sex positions, but does he really want to stare at a woman’s back while he’s having sex, does he? Even if his girl has the most beautiful back in the whole world, guys are visual creatures. They want to see breasts, butts and faces with pleasure written all over them. Spooning with a twist gives him the opportunity to look at his lover’s body in all it’s naked glory, and it also allows him to see her O-face. Which guys love, even if women are embarrassed about what they look like during orgasm!

Sex positions that allow him to have a woman’s legs (or leg, in this case) wrapped around him, pulling him tighter towards her feel incredible to him. Especially when he reaches climax, he wants to feel as close to his woman as possible. Spooning with a twist helps him feel super physically close to his lover too!

Why This Move Is So Hot For Her

Emotional intimacy is incredibly important for a woman to reach orgasm and really, to even enjoy sex all together. Women are emotional creatures, so straight up sex isn’t going to do a whole lot for her unless her emotions and imagination are involved. The face to face action in the spooning with a twist position is an incredible way for a woman to feel closer to her man emotionally, since she gets to look him in the eyes and watch his face during sex.

This is also one of the best sex positions for her because there is more clitoral friction for her, as well as more g-spot stimulation. Combined with the face to face contact and increased emotional intimacy, the spooning with a twist position is a recipe for an intense blended orgasm!

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