Why Woman On Top Is So Hot!


The woman on top sex position is one of the hottest sex positions to try for both him and her. Here’s why it’s really THAT great!!

What Woman On Top Is

The woman on top position means exactly what it says, the lady straddles you and is calling the shots (well, usually). She’s the rider, you’re the obedient steed. Let’s explore the ramifications with the male perspective in mind.

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Limited Movement 

Unlike during missionary, you don’t get the whole nine yards of pelvic freedom. If you want to, you can still stroke in this position, but a better way is to simply slack away. Just lay there, almost motionless, with your tool at attention. The woman on top is an opportunity to relax and take it easy. Caress those swinging breasts, grab some crab cakes or something. Let Eve hold her own, even just for a moment, let her dictate the movements. Don’t let her be a couch potato lying motionless, watching the whole thing unveil.

And since the sensations on your penis are not as intense as when you’re stroking, it’s an excellent way to delay ejaculation.

This is a very good time to learn. Observe your lady’s riding style and scrutinize the stuff she does when given control – you’ll learn a lot. When she leads and directs herself into you, how does she do it? At what angles and speeds does she groove?

Accessibility Is High 

First of all you can see her face and those mean breasts. Second, both your hands are free to do naughty stuff. And if she does a reverse rider, you’ll have sight of her behind as well.

With regards to height and weight generally the men are taller and bulkier than women – so there won’t be any profound issues in this one. In fact, being under a large woman can be an intense experience, and a lot of guys get turned-on by heavy-duty grinding and pumping. (If your kidneys say otherwise, then try something else.)

The stress and strain on your back will depend on her physique and riding style. But as long as she’s not unloading 300 lbs. on you, you’re going to be just fine. Since you’re not laboring with the motions, woman on top can be a pleasant and relaxed position.

How It Affects Her Orgasms

This is a very strategic position in stimulating both the clitoris and the g-spot. You just lay there and the woman helps herself by rubbing her clitoral area on your pubis. Her strokes will not be so much those in & outs, as it is rubbing/rolling motions.

Woman on top is a potential G-spot winner, you don’t even have to break a sweat. Since she controls the angles of penetration, by leaning back and adjusting her pelvis, she can aim your thing into the top wall of her vagina – right where her G is waiting. She’ll help herself and ride all the way to her happy place.

For many ladies, control is a big turn-on. Being on top, a woman senses power, authority and responsibility. And this makes some guys feel vulnerable – especially when he’s just resting there with nothing to do. But the thing is, it is in the very nature of sex for the players to be vulnerable. After all, both of you are completely naked… warts and all. Sex is about letting go, and this is what happens when one of you is on top.

In woman on top, you’re not only gesturing boldness to be led, but flexibility to allow turns – that you see sex as a give and take. Not an avenue for male grandstanding, but an intimate activity shared by equal partners. Such psychodynamics may not be readily evident to you or your partner, but this stuff does take place behind those raunchy scenes. They’re there.

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