2 Woman On Top Sex Positions For BETTER Orgasms!


Woman on top is a great sex position for women who like to be in control. This is also great for the man who loves to watch. Women on top positions provide the perfect combination of sexy female power and hot male voyeurism.

Some of these positions offer fantastic clitoral stimulation, while others give her G-Spot a run for its money. All of them allow your lover to take charge and do whatever works for her: fast, slow, vibrating, gliding, pounding, gentle, rhythmic, circular… why not try them all and see what works best?

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One word of advice for men that find they have a tendency to slip out: get her to swivel around so that she’s either 90 (facing to the side) or 180 degrees  (facing the opposite direction) turned from where she started normally. This small adaptation makes a world of difference.

1. The Sprinter’s Stretch

Lay comfortably on your back with your legs spread and your knees bent up off the bed. Your arms should rest comfortably at your side. Have her sit on top in traditional woman on top position while having sex. From this position, have her put one foot flat on the ground with her knee raised as if she were squatting.

Get your lover to lean forward towards the foot that’s planted while she extends her other leg behind her. This leg should end up between your legs, and everything from her knee to her foot should touch the bed.

When done correctly, she’ll look like she’s stretching out on top of you in lunge position, and she’ll have lots of room to push back, forth, up, down and side to side while thrusting.

You can rest your hands on her hips as she glides you inside of her to help keep her steady and foster an intimate connection. After a while, remind her to switch legs so that they both get a good, equal stretching workout without any cramps. She may not notice when she has become uncomfortable until it’s too late.


This is one of the best positions in this eBook for clitoral stimulation during sex, and every woman who struggles to come during intercourse should try it at some point. She’ll receive deep penetration but can control just how deep you go into her with minute precision.

She can move in every direction because of the angle and positioning of her legs. She can grind her love button into your lower torso, and really give it the attention she needs to climax. You can help by holding onto her hips, playing with her breasts, or making sure that her labia lips are parted so that her clitoral head gets stimulated.

2. The Hot Rocker

Lie back on a rocking chair so that your shoulders are positioned at the base where the seat meets the back. Prop your head up and place the small of your back at the end of the chair seat with your buttocks and legs hanging off.

Place your feet firmly on the ground with your knees bent at a 180 degree angle, then ask your partner to straddle you with both of her feet also steady on the ground and put your penis inside of her. Hold her arms for balance, and then get her to lift her legs so that she hooks her ankles around your knees or calves, depending on what’s comfortable.

You should now be holding her entire body weight with your pelvis, knees and shoulders on the rocking chair. Keeping your back straight and erect is crucial to the success of this position, so it may help to find a rocking chair that has a deep seat so your hips and shoulders both fit.

Move by tilting your groin up, rocking your entire body, or lifting your heels. She can also rock the both of you by moving her head and torso back and forth in a swing-like motion.


You’ll have the leg control in this position, but she can easily maneuver herself exactly to create the right amount of friction by tilting her pelvis forward slightly and making sure she’s positioned on your penis just a bit higher than she normally would be.

It isn’t one of the sex positions that either of you will be able to sustain for long periods of time, unless your lower back is supported and she’s sitting higher on your penis than normal (or, I suppose, if you are both champion athletes!), but the feeling of weightlessness for her and the powerful strokes you can give her might just send her around the moon.

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