3 Thrusting Techniques That Make You Last Longer In Bed


Lasting longer in bed can be as simple as knowing a few special thrusting techniques. This is because premature ejaculation isn’t caused by your genes, your penis size or what your woman does in bed. Premature ejaculation is caused by what you do before and during sex.

The reason most men can’t last longer than 5 minutes in bed is simply because they’re doing the wrong things before and during sex that end up triggering them to orgasm early.

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And one of the biggest things men do wrong is use thrusting techniques that encourage quick orgasm. In lasting longer in bed the aim with the thrusting techniques you use should be to reduce the stimulation you get down to a controllable level. Instead most men have sex in a way that gives them so much pleasure in such a small space of time that they get overwhelmed and orgasm almost instantly. By discovering how to reduce your stimulation and pleasure just a little bit you get the incredible satisfaction and deeper pleasure of long lasting sex.

Let’s get straight to it…

Thrusting Technique #1 – Slow And Shallow Entry

A common mistake that a lot of men make when it comes to sex is going too far too fast. One of the things that women love during sex is teasing and anticipation. Women can go absolutely crazy if you show them something they want, but don’t give it them straight away. Most men do the complete opposite when it comes to sex. As soon as they get their penis in their woman they put it in all the way and start thrusting super fast. What does this leave the woman to look forward to and anticipate? Nothing. And often this kills all the sexual tension and makes you as the guy have to work 10 times as hard to get her to orgasm.

Many times women will love it if you start sex very slowly with foreplay. Start by entering your penis inside her very slowly by only half an inch and then pulling it out. Then next time put it in very slowly three quarters of an inch and then pull it out. Then keep thrusting slowly in and out at that depth for a bit. A minute or so later thrust just a little bit deeper. And aim for it to be roughly 5 minutes into having sex before you’re actually thrusting at full depth.

This does three amazing things when it comes to sex.

  1. It has the power to drive her absolutely wild. Women love to be teased and love anticipation, doing this can have her orgasming intensely by the time you’re fully inside her.
  2. It helps you last longer because you’re thrusting slower. By thrusting slower you reduce your stimulation and therefore make it longer before you orgasm.
  3. It helps you last longer because it gives your penis time to “acclimatize” or get used to the feeling of her vagina. The first few minutes inside the vagina are when you’re most likely to orgasm because your penis gets overwhelmed with the new sensation. By allowing more time in the vagina with minimal stimulation, when it comes to thrusting faster later on you’ll be used to the feeling and lasting longer will be much easier.

Thrusting Technique #2 – Deep Thrust And Pump

If you’re already in deep and you’re feeling close to orgasm this is a great technique.

The end of your penis (also known as the Glans) is the most sensitive part of the penis, which means it’s the area of your penis most likely to cause you to orgasm if stimulated. How this thrusting technique works is it reduces stimulation to this most sensitive part of your penis, because by thrusting all the way in you keep the end of your penis away from the most stimulating part of the vagina, which is the entrance.

For this to work all you need to do is thrust deep (without hurting her) and thrust forward and backwards an inch or so, all the while keeping the end of your penis well inside her vagina.

By doing this she’ll get a ton of pleasure, while you can last much longer.

Thrusting Technique #3 – Deep Thrust And Rub

This is a small variation on technique #2 and helps you last longer for all the same reasons.

The only difference with this thrusting technique is that instead of thrusting back and forth you grind your pelvis against her clitoris. You don’t even have to thrust at all if you don’t want to. This thrusting technique works well because it causes you virtually no stimulation but she gets a ton of pleasure from it so it allows you to recover and go again a few minutes later.

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