How To Give Her AMAZING Sex Even If You Can’t Last Long Enough


Sex tips cover many different topics. One of the biggest genres is how to last longer in bed. You don’t need the whole repertoire of skills to please and completely amaze your woman. This article will reveal one simple tactic that will show her that you are still in control even though you orgasm way too fast. Believe me, most guys overlook this simple technique.

The Paradox Of Finishing Too Fast

Great sex often finishes too quickly. That is one problem facing most guys in the bedroom. This is also something that I have grappled with for a long time. I am just glad I don’t have to face this problem any more. You see, when you come to an early climax during sex, it makes your partner question your masculinity. You appear weak in her eyes.

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Worse still, at the subconscious level, she will begin to look around for guys that can truly please her in bed. But here’s something that I discovered when I was a quick shooter.

I remembered I was pretty nervous when sex comes around, and the fear and anxiety made it practically impossible for me to have intercourse for more than a few seconds. It was just too embarrassing, even to think about it.

Hold Her Responsible For Your Early Climax (No Kidding!)

When a guy finishes too soon during sex, there are two ways a woman will think about the situation: she will think that the guy is really lousy. OR, she may think she is so incredibly hot that the guy just lost control.

But here’s the thing. Most women are so insecure about themselves that the first scenario is far more likely – unless in the first place you give her the idea that she is HOT!

So, if you come to an orgasm too quickly, be completely cool about it, and tell her “that has never happened to me, and I never thought a woman could do that to me, until you came along!”

Something magical happens when you assure her that you are totally attracted to her and enjoy her company and body immensely. Your woman will feel completely comfortable and secure about her own sexuality… and will be drawn by your masculinity too!

This is extremely powerful and a great way to turn the tables on your quick ejaculation. The sex may be over too soon, but believe me, she will remember that quick-fire sex as totally mind-blowing! But you better do better next time… else she finds someone else who does!

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