How To Have Amazing Sex Even If You Can’t Last Long Enough In Bed (This Will Completely Blow Her Mind!)


Making love is a sacred, tender act that creates an emotional bond between a couple. But for many men, the inability to last long enough often creates anxious moments in between the sheets instead. Many guys want to improve their sexual stamina and last longer during sex, thinking this is the only way to fulfill their female partners.

But lasting longer is NOT the key…

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Let me explain.

There are many techniques for helping men last longer in bed, for example, by using desensitizing sprays, creams, lotions or even specialty condoms.

But these methods are simply masking the symptoms of the problem and not addressing the root causes.

Almost all cases related to maintaining a hard erection and lasting longer boils down to one thing – you are too unsure or too nervous in the bedroom.

Gaining sexual confidence is the only genuine way to completely obliterate any performance anxiety in the bedroom and lasting as long as you want. The problem with having great sex is that the issue is NOT about lasting longer.

Mastering Her Sexual Response

It really is about how to completely master your partner’s sexual response and gain her trust in bed. Most women view sex NOT as a means to an end, but as a titillating journey to the end itself. They cherish how they are brought to an orgasm, and not just about the orgasm itself.

The ability to last longer is an integral part of great lovemaking, but many guys make it to be more important than it really is.

Here’s the simple truth… if you can last more than 10 minutes of thrusting, you already have all it takes to be a phenomenal lover. Most women don’t need that kind of continuous penetration, simply because they tend to dry out from that constant thrusting before it starts to hurt.

The way to a woman’s orgasm is not in penetrative sex. It lies in what you do BEFORE you make love to her! Many studies have shown that more women get an orgasm from oral sex and foreplay than from intercourse! This means you should really pay attention to the techniques to get her sexually-charged before intercourse. This will boost your sexual “competence”. And when you achieve that kind of mastery, the confidence you get will obliterate the problem of not lasting long enough!

And if you do climax too soon, hold her responsible for it (no, I’m not kidding!)

Finishing Too Early

When a guy finishes too soon during sex, there are two ways a woman will think about the situation: she will think that the guy is really lousy OR, she may think she is so incredibly hot that the guy just lost control.

But here’s the thing – most women are so insecure about themselves that the first scenario is far more likely – unless in the first place you give her the idea that she is HOT!

So, if you come to an orgasm too quickly, be completely cool about it, and tell her “that has never happened to me, and I never thought a woman could do that to me, until you came along!”

Something magical happens when you assure her that you are totally attracted to her and enjoy her company and body immensely. Your woman will feel completely comfortable and secure about her own sexuality… and will be drawn by your masculinity too!

This is extremely powerful and a great way to turn the tables on your quick ejaculation. The sex may be over too soon, but believe me, she will remember that quick-fire sex as totally mind-blowing!

(But you better do better next time or else she may find someone else who does!)

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