How To Last Longer During Sex And Be Thrilled With Your Transformed Stamina With These 3 Tips


Are you sick and tired of super quick sex and having no sexual stamina? Are you worried that your inability to last is making your woman think twice about making out with you? Are you finally ready to take control of your sex life, supercharge your stamina, and give her sensational sex to boot, even if you’ve never been able to last beyond 2 minutes in bed?

If you are anything like the men reading this, I am sure your answers are a resounding “YES!”

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Here’s a simple fact: over 70% of men surveyed said their biggest fear in the bedroom is not being able to last (so take comfort that you are not alone). Not only that, the majority of women also want their men to last long enough to give them orgasms.

So what are the most effective ways to improve your endurance in bed and become a phenomenal lover who can please any woman at will? Plenty!

But for the brevity of this article, let us look at three proven and very popular tactics to improve your “staying power” in the sack.

The Art Of Titillating Foreplay

Most men forgo this crucial part of sex and jump right into intercourse. Without a doubt, that is the quickest way to end your lovemaking in a hurry. The simple truth is that women are slow to warm up during sex. It is not their fault. It is how they are “biologically programmed.” Foreplay is an important process to arouse your female partner and get her sexually-charged and ready for intercourse.

Here’s something that most guys don’t know. Knowing the right techniques for foreplay can increase your sexual confidence. When you see that your woman is clearly enjoying the moment, something magical happens: you are no longer laden with the pressure to perform, and this naturally helps you last longer in bed. So don’t skim on foreplay. Instead, embrace it as the gateway to her orgasm and your sexual endurance!

Refractory Rewards

Take advantage of your refractory period. This is the time frame between the first and second male orgasm. Simply put, if you masturbate or gratify yourself an hour or two before you have sex, it will take you much longer to achieve the same levels of sexual stimulation. In order words, the first climax helps to “desensitize” your penis glans and can give you up to three times the endurance in bed.

You don’t have to feel funny or embarrassed to have to do this – it is a completely natural and proven way to last longer. In fact many sexual therapists and medical professionals recommend masturbation as an effective “first line of defense” to prevent premature ejaculation and increase your stamina in bed.

Call Me PC For Short

In your pelvis area, there exists a set of muscles, known as the Pubococcygeus (PC) muscles. Most men do not know this, but you can fortify these muscles and make them more resilient through simple pelvic contraction exercises that have been proven to transform your sexual stamina.

Exercises like Kegels are super easy to do and do NOT require you to handle your genitals. They will increase your sexual confidence ten fold. These simple routines take up no more than a couple of minutes each day, and can easily give you extraordinary stamina to even outlast your woman in bed, and I’m pretty sure she won’t be complaining about it either!

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