How To Last Longer In Bed & Give Her Better Orgasms TONIGHT!


How to last longer in bed is one of the most common concepts on the minds of many men. And if you’re reading this, you probably wonder about it too, don’t you? Ask any guy the reason he wants to know how to last longer in bed, and chances are, he will tell you that he wants to maximize his lover’s pleasure. So does having better stamina really give her better a female orgasm?

In short, it DOES. In fact, a lack of sexual stamina is one of the major causes of unfulfilled sex lives. Lasting longer will give you a great shot at triggering female orgasms. Out of evolutionary needs, Mother Nature has pre-conditioned the average man to be able to endure only 5 minutes of sex before climaxing.

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On the other hand, most women need ten to fifteen minutes of CONSTANT stimulation in order to be sufficiently turned on and achieve an orgasm (and you can certainly see how it does not add up!). The simple truth is that getting women to orgasm quickly goes against the need for men to spread their seeds and multiply in numbers.

And how times have changed! Instead of having sex just for reproductive purposes, women now look (and crave) for fulfillment when they make love. Hence, the longer you are able to last, the greater the chance of inducing an orgasm in her. For most women, a man’s improved sexual stamina works almost like a charm in giving her incredible, longer-lasting sex.

What If She Can’t Reach Orgasm From Penetrative Sex?

But, some women just cannot get an orgasm from penetrative sex, no matter how long it lasts. And I can tell you that if she cannot get that big “O”, the constant thrusting can be a painful experience for her. So what do you do if your lover cannot climax from intercourse?

Well, you just got to do things a little differently. Use clitoral stimulation. Mother nature made the clitoris for only ONE purpose – for women to enjoy orgasms. So you need to focus on this small, super sensitive area. The way you have sex will be important here.

For example, if you are in the missionary position, gyrate your hips in a circular fashion during penetration so that your pelvic bone rubs against her clitoris. Taking your time and going slow is an excellent tip for how to last longer in bed. If she prefers “rear-entry” on all fours, use your free hands to stimulate her clitoris even while you are penetrating her. This will give her sufficient clitoral stimulation and ensure that she gets the orgasms you know she deserves!

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