Last Longer In Bed – 3 Shortcuts So Effective, You’ll Both Reach New Levels Of Pleasure!


Last longer in bed with these three simple tips – you’ll be surprised at how great sex can be after this! After learning these techniques to help you delay ejaculation, your girl will LOVE how you seem to always last longer in bed than you used to!

If sex is always a quick-fire affair for you, then you will have one unfulfilled woman in bed! This will not bode well for your sex life and your relationship. The ability to last long enough for your woman and satisfy her sexually is the foundation of a great intimate relationship. Unfortunately premature ejaculation is often the frustrating ordeal many couples have to go through. So really, how do men last longer in bed? If PE is something you have to put up with routinely, then listen up as I reveal a few super simple, sexy tips that will amp up your endurance to give her longer, stronger and simply more sensational sex! (she will love it, I promise!)

“Cease And Desist”

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Anxiety over one’s performance in bed is one of the top causes of premature ejaculation. It’s easy to be so anxious that you’re going to do something wrong or ejaculate to early that you do exactly that – ejaculate too early. In order to last longer for her, you need to beat any form of stress or anxiety that is creeping up on you. Keep your mind and body relaxed. Controlled, focused deep breathing that stems from the abdomen instead of the chest will help you calm those nerves and control your arousal levels. Men from tantric circles know how to prolong orgasm for hours (even days!) using simple relaxation strategies that make them sensational in bed and so popular with women.

“Mind Leverage”

Your mind is the most important leverage that stands between rapid-fire sex and sensational lovemaking. Your mind truly has power over your body, but you have to train it to do what you want. This is the “inner game” strategy that so many men are missing out – one that will bestow them with amazing stamina when they truly master it. The bottom line is, you CAN train your brain to handle the intense arousal associated with sex, so that you take focus off of your own orgasm to prolong intercourse. Instead of having lovemaking that lasts for a quick minute, you can re-condition your mind to last a lot longer and give her the experience that she wants in bed.

“Know Your PC”

The PC muscles in your pelvic area control the physical aspect of ejaculation. The stronger these muscles are and the greater the control you have over them, the better your sex is going to be (and make it last longer, too!). Male enhancement exercises such as Kegels and PC contractions are great for boosting the strength of these ejaculatory muscles and giving you sensational stamina. Not only that, these exercises can nicely boost the girth or circumference of your penis and stimulate the inner vaginal walls to give women ecstatic orgasms, for sure!

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