Last Longer In Bed And Really Rock Your Girl’s World!


Last longer in bed and WOW your lover with your newfound sexual skills! When you last longer in bed, BOTH of you benefit!

Is premature ejaculation giving you plenty to worry about in the bedroom? Do you find yourself struggling with confidence and self esteem issues? Are you in a constant state of feeling inadequate with your performance in bed? If you are, then you really should stop, because things may not be as bad as you think. Why? Let’s find out below!

How Long Is Long Enough?

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This is one question that practically every man wants to know. They want to know if they are good enough for their female partners. This is understandable. After all, the quality of a couple’s sex life is very often a reflection of the quality of the relationship.

According to sex surveys done over the last decade, 75 percent of men want to know how to last longer in bed. That is a huge figure! But here’s a simple truth – you only need to last as long as her! Many men think (and quite wrongly too!) that they need to go on for hours during sex. Nothing is further from the truth. Most women get an orgasm within 15 minutes, so that is the amount of time you should aim for.

Want to know an even better truth? That “15 minutes” can be shortened significantly – if you learn to give her proper stimulation BEFORE you start intercourse.

Find out what SHE likes in bed. Some women prefer a decent amount of foreplay; others crave oral sex; yet others love a little teasing, dirty talk before sex. Give her what she likes first, and you will have a far easier time managing your endurance in bed.

Ejaculating Early Is No Big Deal, Unless You Choose To Let It Become One!

The next time you climax early, tell her it’s because she is so HOT and turns you on so much. Believe me… women are also very conscious about how they “perform” in bed. So if you “blame” her for your early ejaculation problem, she will actually begin to think that she is really attractive. That will take the pressure off you to perform and help you last longer! But you better buck up the next time you make out with her!

Another great way and practical way to improve your sexual stamina is to train and condition the ejaculatory muscles, also known as the pubococcygeus muscle (or PC). Specific exercises such as Kegel and elevation techniques are proven ways to strengthen and bolster these muscles to give you great control and endurance and amazing sex to boot!

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