Sex Tips For Lasting Longer And Giving Your Girl Raging HOT Orgasms (This Will Leave Her Shaking)


When it comes to lasting longer in bed, many men prefer to rely on the proverbial “quick fixes” that the male enhancement market has to offer. Pills, creams and desensitizing sprays may give you those extra minutes during sex, but the problem does NOT lie with your penis.

It Is Your Brain That Controls How Long You Last, Not Your Genitals!

Think about this analogy for a moment.

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When you learn to park a car, your arm muscles provide the energy to turn the steering wheel. But it is your brain that TELLS your hands where and how to turn!

By the same measure, your mind controls the outcome of the kind of sex you are going to have. This is fundamental, but most men never quite get it.

The simple truth is this…

If you think you are going to climax early, you will achieve that exact outcome. If you think those pills, creams and sprays are going to help you last longer, you will never be able to wean yourself off them. Instead you will need to continually rely on those costly products whenever you want to make love to your woman.

Most cases of premature ejaculation arise from a lack of understanding of one’s bodily reactions to sexual stimulation. As a result, most men do not know how to control their ejaculatory reflexes until it is too late. Just like how you can improve various aspects of your body through training and conditioning, beating early ejaculation is a “learned trait.” It is a skill that some men hone and perfect after consistent PRACTICE. But sadly, most men never get down to it, thinking there is nothing they can do about it.

Training For Endurance

Certain targeted techniques such as synchronized breathing, mental manipulation, and ejaculatory muscle exercises are great ways to improve your stamina in the sack (and some of these can be performed with your partner).

While some sexual therapists charge exorbitant fees to teach you these methods, you can easily learn them on your own from home.

These methods basically condition both your mind and body to improve your ability to withstand intense stimulation without blowing early.

Sexual Confidence Is The KEY To Lasting Longer And Triggering Female Orgasms

Even if you feel that your stamina is lacking, tell her confidently that you will gain better control over your stamina and completely master it. Most women love guys who have the courage to face up to their own sexual inadequacies, and do something about it.

Learn to master her body completely. Know which of the hot buttons on her body are sensitive to your touch and give them your due attention (hint: the back of her neck, her tummy, lower back and inner thighs are great places to start). Make sure you fully satisfy her and give her plenty of orgasms – orally and with your fingers.

Be honest and open with her about your problem. Let her know you are a REAL man who is NOT anxious about your sexual performance… because you know how to please her, even without using your most prized manhood!

Continue to improve your sexual skills and techniques, all with the aim to give her sensational orgasms each time you make out with her.

Remember… competence breeds confidence!

This will eventually bestow on you the confidence you need to permanently and naturally last longer every time. And the kind of orgasms she will get from the prolonged ecstasy will be nothing short of earth-shaking!

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