The Easiest Way To Have Better Sex


Better sex is something almost every couple wants to have but they often don’t know where to start. Here’s the most simple way to have better sex tonight!

Are you struggling to come up with bedroom antics to spice up your sex life? Are you giving your woman an orgasm each time you make love? Most men face these predicaments in the bedroom and wonder why their sex lives are heading south. Sounds like you are in need of some simple, honest advice to become a better lover and have better sex?

What Women Really Want In Bed (Hint – This Leads To Better Sex Every Time!)

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What most women crave is actually the same as what most men hope to achieve – being able to last long enough. This inherently creates better sex. You see, women are considered “slow boilers” when it comes to sex. It’s not their fault. Their sexual programming requires them to take far longer to reach an orgasm than men. In fact, studies have shown that ninety percent of women could not achieve the big ‘O’ through sexual intercourse alone – simply because the sex does not last long enough. Men are like electric kettles that boil almost instantaneously and lovemaking often becomes a five-minute affair – barely enough to heat up a woman’s erotic nerve centers.

If you really want to be impressive in bed and bring her to the brink of orgasmic overdrive every time you make out, you simply have to increase the time you take to reach climax yourself.

Easy Tips To Hike Up Your Endurance In Bed

There is an entire repertoire of tricks and techniques you can bring to the bedroom to transform your sexual stamina. For instance:

1. Prolonging Sprays Or Creams

Try one of those sprays or creams that are specially designed to increase your sexual endurance. Alternatively, wearing a thick condom will help.

2. Practice Your Kegels

Toughen up your pelvic muscles by practicing simple kegel exercises. No, you don’t need to visit a sexual therapist to learn these. There are plenty of online male enhancement programs that offer easy instructions to practice these exercises from home.

3. Use Different Sex Positions

Experiment with different sex positions and rely on those that do not stimulate your penis as intensely. You will be surprised that many of these positions are women’s favorite too, as they tend to maximize their pleasure in bed.

4. Use Lube!

Try using plenty of lubrication. More lubrication means lesser stimulation. This works phenomenally well for many guys.

There is no need to feel guilty about your lack of lasting power. Try any of these solutions and watch as your stamina transforms and her erotic temperatures soar!

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