Top 5 Reasons You Can’t Get It Up


Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a term to describe a state of impotency.


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But ED is actually very common, and often only temporary. Most guys out there will be able to remember one drunken night that they couldn’t quite make it happen. In fact anything from one too many hamburgers, to ill health, to how stressed you’re feeling about your job can have an effect on your ability to get it up.

Here are some of the most common reasons why ED may happen to you:

1. Reduced Blood Flow To The Penis

Hands down the most common cause of ED in over 40s is that not enough blood is flowing to your penis to make it hard. This is caused by a narrowing of the arteries which is a natural part of getting older. However, you may want to eliminate the environmental factors that can make it worse.

2. Smoking And Poor Diet

Yep these are the two things you think of straight away as a cause of bad health and poor circulation. Smoking and high cholesterol foods (that would be your favourite pizza) constrict and clog the arteries respectively. The result? Crappy erections. The penis is no different to any other area of your body. For your penis to be fit, you have to be fit too.

3. Lack Of Exercise

Remember sex is a cardiovascular activity, which puts it in the same bracket as running! So if you think you’d collapse after two minutes on the treadmill, the chances of you getting a high quality erection are slim. The more physically fit you are, the more efficiently your heart pumps blood, the stronger your erections will be.

There are other physical causes of ED: like Multiple Sclerosis, cycling, and a lack of testosterone.

This is rarer though than psychological factors like stress: which are in fact the most common cause of ED.

4. Stress

Yep that same feeling of ‘headache’ caused by your boss setting you an unreasonable deadline, or worrying about your parents’ ill health, can be the same psychological burden that stops you from performing. ED that sets on suddenly is usually due to stress. So if you’re having a tough time personally, as well as professionally; often fixing what’s going on in the work place will help fix what’s not happening in the bedroom.

5. Anxiety

Erectile dysfunction pretty much sums up the saying ‘negative cycle.’ If you have ED once then it can quickly become a repeat offender: because not having the erections you want is stressful. Best way forward is to take the pressure off. Enjoy non-penetrative activities with your partner, don’t focus on your erection and you can break the cycle.

So while the bad news is that ED is pretty common, particularly as you age; it is also often temporary. Making sure you have good health, a happy head and positive relationships will do a lot to counterbalance the most common causes of ED.

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