10 Foreplay Tips That Will Thrill Him Again And Again


Foreplay is far from overrated – in fact, most guys wish their girlfriends and wives would give them more! Instead of giving your guy the usual blowjob before hopping on top of him for a quickie, bust out these new foreplay moves that will excite your guy and have him begging for more. These sultry foreplay tactics are fresh and fun, and will turn the heat up on your sex life!

The Wet T-Shirt

Throw on an old white t-shirt and panties (bonus points if the panties are white too) and hop in the shower for a few seconds. Make sure your t-shirt gets nice and wet so your nipples and the curve of each breast shows through. Tell your honey that you’re “freshening up” and that you’ll be right out. Watch his face as he catches a glimpse of his wettest fantasy.

Finger Yourself – While He Fingers You

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When your man fingers you, start touching your clitoris. Then, move your hand down until your fingers are touching his. Slide one of your fingers into your vagina so it’s touching his. He’ll love the feel of your fingers moving together to bring you to orgasm!

Keep Your Hands To Yourself During A Blowjob

While grabbing at your man or running your hands all over his body during a blowjob is definitely hot, it can be even hotter if you keep your hands to yourself. Tie your hair back if you have long hair and go down on him with your hands behind your back. Make it even naughtier by allowing your honey to tie your hands himself.

Give A Handjob…With Gloves

Sure, giving a handjob with lube is great fun, but you can mix it up by using a pair of silky gloves instead. Your partner will love the feel of the soft satin or silk on his penis. Bonus points if you want to turn it into a fantasy dress up sex game – wear long evening gloves and a pearl necklace…and nothing else.

Undress In Front Of Him

While you may be too shy to give him an all out strip tease, let him see you undress after work. Leave the door cracked open and make sure you announce to your partner that you’re going to go change into something “more comfortable.” When you feel his eyes on you, undress slowly and deliberately, giving him a show that he thinks he’s getting on the sly. Give him a run for his money by changing into lingerie instead of your usual pajamas!

Playing Footsie

You may think that playing footsie with your partner is outdated, but it is most definitely a foreplay move that needs to make a return appearance. When out on a date with your lover, slip your stilettos off and run your toes up and down his leg. Look him deeply into the eyes and let him know exactly what you mean without saying a word. If you do want to say something, slip in some dirty talk about what you want to do to him when you get home.

Forgoing Underwear

Never underestimate the power that going commando will have over your lover. Even if you’re simply out at the grocery store, trim or shave your bush and leave your panties in the drawer. Make sure you bend over and let your partner get a glimpse before telling him that you must have “forgotten” your underwear at home when you got dressed. You’ll be on his mind until he can get your pants down and see the missing goods for himself!

Sucking On His Fingers

Give his fingers a licking next time you want to let him know you’re interested in giving him oral sex. Mimic what you do during a blowjob only using his fingers instead of his penis. Let him watch and make sure that you make plenty of eye contact with him. It won’t be long before he’s begging you to unzip his pants for the encore!

Public Foreplay

Public sex is a great way to ignite a fire in your sex life. You may think that if you have sex outside the comfort of your bedroom (or even your own home) that you’re bound to get busted, but the truth is, you’d be surprised at how many places in public there are to get busy without getting caught.

Sexy, Soapy Fun

If you’re not ready to venture outside the house for some naughty fun, why not try it out in the shower? Shower sex is amazingly different from regular sex – there’s nothing like feeling the hot water run down your body as your partner gives you oral sex!

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