2 Ways To Make Foreplay Hotter


Foreplay is incredibly important if you want a great sex session. Here are two easy ways to make foreplay even hotter, and you can use them tonight!

More Isn’t Better

How do you know the foreplay is enough and that it’s a perfect time to ride?

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The answer is you don’t, even a woman doesn’t really know. This isn’t a simple inquiry about time or quantity. With foreplay, more is not necessarily better. If it’s a long and lame one, then it’s a long and lame foreplay. You’re merely prolonging the agony of what could have been short anguish. It’s unnecessary and worse than no foreplay at all!

But even amazing foreplay will eventually reach a point of diminishing returns. Stay too long with it and it ceases to be great – that’s reality and you have to forge ahead before it gets stale. (But something tells me that stalling the foreplay isn’t the biggest issue with most guys. I have yet to hear a woman complain that her man gives too much.)

But Is Less More?

On the other hand, less is more doesn’t hold. It may be true for things like make-up or dancing, but sex is a different ballgame altogether. Sometimes less is just that less. You have to let things heat up, and when it’s hot, make it even hotter and allow a woman to really get the hang of things.

So where do balance and the optimum point lie? The fact that women are not a homogenous group, doesn’t make it any easier. So what can you do?

Look at your lover, read her. She will tell you stuff she doesn’t even have the audacity to verbalize – open your eyes and witness what she’s screaming without words. Only then would you see the glaring window to transition from foreplay to play. Only then would you know the most opportune time for it. (Do you see how calibration works at the advantage of long term partners over one-night stands?)

To help you decide whether or not she’s ready for your penis, check on two things you should have achieved:

An Extended Make Out And Foreplay Session

This includes all the works – kissing, caressing, hugging, even dirty talking and sex games – all those things men tag as preliminaries to the real thing. Add 5-15 extra minutes  to your usual. This way, you’re giving her plenty of time to catch up and really rev up her engines.

Give Her An Orgasm Or Two

Follow the “ladies first” rule. A lot of seasoned guys make it a rule to never ride unless she cums once or twice via manual/oral work. They let the lady have hers first, before they mount away. Stimulate her all the way to orgasm and don’t leave her hanging, hoping that penetration will finish the job. Penetration is one of the most ineffective ways of making women orgasm.

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