3 Foreplay Strategies That Will Leave Her Breathless


Foreplay is the #1 thing that women need to have great sex. Learn these three foreplay techniques that will make her putty in your hands.

Women seem to have an amount of sexual self control that men just can’t wrap their minds around. They can tease and play to the point where you are sporting some serious blue balls, and she hasn’t even gotten wet. Guess what, you can beat her at her own game. You just need a good game plan. Here’s a quick guideline to driving her mad for you.

The Prize

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Guess what, buddy, you are the prize, and you probably never hear that. Women’s magazines are inundated with advice about how to love yourself. It’s practically all Oprah talks about. However, men don’t often get the same encouragement. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hear it. You have something to offer. Sex with you is unlike sex she has had or will have with anyone else. Keep this in your mind on the way to the bedroom. There is nothing more arousing than confidence. If you’re unsure or apologetic, she will sense it, and it will make everyone uncomfortable.

The Strategic Back-Off

So you are at the point where you are definitely going to have sex. A man’s first instinct is to get in there, and get the job done. Yes, this is fun. For you. For around three and a half minutes. However, you can make it better. For the both of you. Instead of ripping her clothes off and diving in penis first, ease into it. Pull the straps of her dress down, and kiss her shoulders. Then push her straps back up, and kiss her mouth. If you’re about to head downstairs, pause to nibble around her belly and inner thighs. A woman’s sexual experience is multi-sensory. Every touch, caress, and kiss sends shocks through her body. You can drive her to near insanity.  Isn’t it more fun for her to beg for sex?

The Payoff

The Payoff is really, really good sex. It’s not just good sex for her, but for you, as well. When you tease her, you are teasing yourself. You may want to lick her lips or suck her breast more than anything, but if you wait until the point where you just can’t hold off anymore, the taste of her mouth and her breasts is even sweeter. If you’re running your lips across her inner thigh, savoring her flesh before you pleasure her, then your own sexual energy builds and builds. The more it builds, the more it releases, giving you a more intense, satisfying orgasm.

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