3 Key Elements of Artful Teasing


Foreplay can be just as amazing as the sex itself if you do it right. Here are three tips you don’t want to miss out on if you want foreplay to be HOT!

How A Great Lover Seduces A Woman

This is how a great lover ensnares a woman: He dangles a PRIZE and tempts her with it. He tempts her and shows her how desirable the thing is. She mentally agrees. He then ups the ante and tempts her some more, showing more virtues for the prize. Now her lust is awakened. Now, she wants it. In fact, she may want it more than she’s willing to admit.

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So she starts reaching for the now coveted prize, but at the perfect moment, her lover purposely hides it or brings it slightly out of reach. She almost got what she wanted, but not quite. Now, she lusts for it even more. She’s intrigued by her inability to get what she wanted, because from her experience, this doesn’t happen very often.

Then, the great lover stirs more desire by enticing her with the prize once again. And once again she pursues – and the game is really just beginning….

Artful teasing has 3 key elements:

  1. The Prize
  2. The Strategic Back-Off
  3. The Payoff

The Prize

That’s you! It includes everything you do with your mouth, hands, penis and the rest of your body. Get this: You have sexual value. You have things to offer that no one in this entire universe, except you, can give.

You may not have a stunning bod or those gorgeous pecs, but there are wonderful, mind blowing things that only you can do to her. It’s your exclusive and personal brand of sex, the specific way your hand or tongue moves or the distinctive strength of your thrusts. Whether you already know it or not, you do have the goods to deliver, and she’s damn lucky to have you with her on any given night – I want you to get that.

It is really, really important that you don’t go inside that bedroom feeling the luckiest guy in the world – I don’t care how hot she is. Because the truth is, with the stuff you’re now learning, I’m thinking she’s the one who’ll be screaming “Ding! Ding! Ding!”

And as the prize, YOU ARE WORTH THE WAIT.

The Strategic Back-Off

This is the “Pull” element. The game of teasing isn’t played in a linear, straightforward fashion – there are breaks, pauses and reverses along the way. True, one needs to move forward, but just as important are times when one backs-off.


For example, if you’re unzipping her dress, you might stop halfway and continue kissing. Or you can simply zip it up again. When she’s all naked and seems to think you’re heading down south, camp around the belly area, or even go back up. These add exciting unpredictability to your repertoire.

Learn the concept of Near-the-Spot teasing maneuvers. Play AROUND her happy areas, not ON them. Make her think you’re going somewhere on her body, but back-off at the last instant. She’ll soon salivate and whine for you to hit her moan zones.

The “Strategic Back-Off” not only buys you time to fuel a woman’s lust, it’s the explosive fuel that makes things interesting. You actually need to perform strategic back-offs even when she’s giving you all green lights. Because no matter how great your moves are, if you do them in predictable straight-line fashion, you rob them of their punch.

However, don’t be all over the place and become totally unpredictable to the point of being strange.

The Payoff

The teasing game works because a woman assumes there will be a big payoff in the end. This is what makes delayed gratification worth it. Great rewards are up ahead, as long as she doesn’t take shortcuts or drown the process. This may be in the form of an orgasm, a kiss, a sucking of her breasts, penetration etc. In the end, you’ve ALWAYS got to let her have it.

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