5 Foreplay Tips That Will Drive Him Wild


Foreplay is an essential part of great sex, but too often it is overlooked. Quickies are great and have their place in every sexual relationship, however, truly great sex comes from lots and lots of foreplay. Women may think that men are eager to get on to the main event, but they enjoy foreplay just as much as a woman does. Here are five great ways you can entice your partner before sex and take your sex life up a notch.

Kiss Him Deeply

Everyone thinks that girls are the ones that love to make out, but that’s just not true! Guys love the deep kissing too, especially when you combine it with neck and ear nibbling and other fun and sexy tricks. Try kissing your partner slowly and deeply, letting him know that you want to make the night last. Switch to kissing his neck and whispering in his ear before kissing him softly on the mouth again. Brush your hand against his penis through his pants (by this time, you’ll likely feel his erection straining against his jeans) and make no move to rush on to something else. Build up the heat by making out like you did before you ever had sex together and you weren’t sure if that night was going to be the night or not. It will drive him absolutely wild!

Masturbate In Front Of Him

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Most women feel shy about masturbating in front of their partner, but your guy definitely thinks it’s really, really hot. Instead of having him go down on you to get your pleasure, try giving it to yourself – in front of him! If you want, wear a blindfold so it seems like he’s not there or you can really push his buttons by looking him directly in the eyes while you’re doing it. Use your sex toys and really go all out. Every guy loves a good show and he’ll go crazy watching you give yourself an incredible orgasm. If you want to make it super incredible, practice female ejaculation and squirt while you have an orgasm and he’s watching. He’ll go insane! Don’t fake it though, because he’ll be able to tell right off the bat. Take your time, just like you were masturbating by yourself.

Tease Him

You can turn the heat up by teasing your partner with a handjob or a blowjob – but you’re not going to finish! Start out by giving him head for a few minutes, then switch to giving him a handjob for the next few minutes. Then go back to kissing him and making out with him. You can even let him penetrate you for a few minutes, but don’t let him get carried away! You’ll be driving him insane with small but intense bits of pleasure here and there, and you’ll love how he’ll beg for you to keep going. Make sure you don’t tease too long though, or your partner might lose interest or even lose his erection. When you’re pretty sure he just can’t take it anymore, that’s when the hot, crazy sex will start.

Fulfill His Fantasy

Do you know that your partner really, really likes a certain thing that you and he don’t do very often? Do it! If he likes prostate massage, tease him with your finger while you’re giving him a blowjob. If he thinks stripteases are super hot, work one in before you masturbate in front of him or make out with him. If he likes pain, bite him a few times on your way down to give him a handjob. If he has a deep, dark, secret fantasy, consider doing what you can to fulfill it, even if you think it’s a little weird. You just might have him ejaculating in his pants before you even get them off!

Talk Dirty To Him

You would be absolutely amazed at just how powerful talking dirty can be in the bedroom. Men are visual creatures, but they also like a “game commentary” as well. When you’re kissing him, whisper in his ear about what you’ll do to him when you get his clothes off. Tell him how wet he makes you and how you want to please him and hear him beg to have sex with you. You can experiment with dominant or submissive roles here if you want, or you can simply tell him what you’re doing it right before you do it or as you’re doing it. Use your imagination when it comes to dirty talk and watch him writhe in pleasure!

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